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Shouldn't it read ''TOE'' instead of ''TOE IN'' in the game ?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Setups' started by Jan Mikuž, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. Just a small thing:

    As per wiki, the dominant term is TOE not TOE IN. TOE IN is the term used for only positive TOE values (+0.1, +0.2, etc..) and TOE OUT is for any negative TOE values (-0.1, -0.2, etc...).
    Therefore I think it should read TOE in the setup menu in game, not TOE IN.
  2. 'toe in' seems to be used pretty much universally in sims & it actually makes it clearer for me (not having known the fact you quoted). obviously + will be more toe in & - will be toe out. if it was just 'toe' it wouldnt be as clear
  3. If you have just "toe" then that technically leaves it susceptible to misunderstanding because some people think the reverse way therefore assume that just "toe" means it'll go more outwards (AKA negative toe) the higher you raise the number. On the hand, if you say "toe-in" then you know the setting is specifically increasing toe-in (AKA positive toe). Furthermore, negative is opposite, so a negative amount of toe-in simply means toe-out. The current way of specifying "in" or "out" leaves little-to-no chance of confusion or misunderstanding.
  4. I don't know...seeing the term toe in and then a negative value below it was confusing to my brain. :D

    Now that i know what it means, i'd rather have just TOE. It's the more accurate term to use for the purpose imo. But, whatever, it's nothing of importance really. I'm just a setup noob and rarely go past Page 1 in the garage. I was trying to find tenths there today and went and looked up the term.
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  5. If I ask you how much money you won, and you say that you won -$3 then that means you actually lost $3. The negative means opposite.

    If I say "how many degrees of toe-in are you running" and you reply "-3 degrees" then that means you're running toe-out because the negative sign made it opposite. But if I just say "how many degrees of toe are you running" and you reply "-3 degrees" then I might say "well, what do you mean by -3? Do you consider negative values to be toe-in or toe-out?" So by specifically saying "toe-in" instead of just "toe," everyone knows for sure what the values mean.

    One more example. If I say, on a number scale, "how much do you like me?" and you reply "-3" then that means you DISlike me because the negative made it opposite. :)

    One final thing that I'm sure you know (just a friendly reminder - thousands of people read these forums): Don't let a positive sign ("+") confuse you; every number is either positive or negative, we just happen to not write the positive sign most of the time.
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