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Should we remove '87 cars from Friday races?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Keith Barrick, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. I like them, but they do have an advantage on alot of tracks. I am voting Yes, because then everyone can focus on the cars that are usable in ATCC.

  2. Poll keith??? I dont think they hould be on it as the S2000 are all the same spec/age. It just dont make sense having them in, its like having beef in a curry. It just doesnt make sense to me. Chicken FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [Edit]: Didnt see the poll :D
  3. I voted yes and the reason is car parity on speed and handling. Quite simply the '87 cars are not part and parcel to the 06 07 and STCC cars and series.

    they are fun to drive! but should likely stand on their own in an event.
  4. Though I don't take part in these things usually, my 1 beef is always how unmatched the 87 cars are, to the rest of the pack. They seem to have many of the perks of the 320si while being more stable and ridiculously faster in a straight.

    While playing Istanbul there were a couple of 87s and they weren't fantastic drivers, but as long as they could keep up with the normal cars around the corners, they just left them standing when any power was put down.
  5. I dont think they are surposed to be part of the S2000 pack. They jst shouldnt be in dont no why we have to have a poll for this.
  6. Because some people like to run them:)

    And what does that mean supposed to? We had Mini vs. F3000 races on RD before:) lol... are these supposed to be running against each other?

    Beside these are not S2000 rules but STCC (mandatory pitstop + 2 tires changes). The performance argument is 100% valid, the "supposed to", "not looking the same", etc... are just funny to me.
  7. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Just when I got comfy with the 87zzz you want to take it away from me. I'll cry
  8. I mean the S2000 are all in the same group. If you want 87's vs S2000's then they would be in a seperate group. Not competeing in the same. The point was because they do have an advantage they shouldnt be together. Not that they shold never be put together. That was my point :)
  9. kind of like the ALMS series here in America. P1, P2, GT, GT2 all on the same track same time but running only against themselves for division points etc.
  10. My only thought was that they are faster; the Lacetti has 283 hp and is about 1120 Kg if I remember right. The 87 bmw has 300 hp and is about 900 kg. Add that to the fact that they are easier to drive than the 320si of the STCC- WTCC, and that is my argument.
    No matter what Eric says though I think they look stupid on the track with the new cars. :) Sorry Eric, everyone has an opinion.
    Really though, an 87 night once a month could be super fun IMO.
  11. Voted for no but meant to vote yes
  12. There is no doubt that the 87 cars are faster, but some tight tracks might take away their advantage. It's horses for courses.
    The 87 cars are great fun to drive though, so you should consider including some "87 only" events in the programme, just for a change occasionally.
    There is also a nice 87 skin pack in the RD downloads too.
  13. I voted Yes.

    As I recall, originally the 87s were included so that we could have some fun racing with them after the main S2000 events. I have no idea why or when people started using them in the main events.
    Personally I reckon the advantage is very unfair. Case in point, the recent event at Donington - the 87s used there had blistering pace.
    They shouldn't be allowed in ATCC because of that, except for the race at KW Superspeedway (Keith, Jarrod, myself and a few others ran them in tests there and they were magic - that race could be done as an 87-only event).

    But overall, I reckon that (though they are heaps of fun) the 87s have no place in the Friday Night races.
  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I think you should remove the 2006/2007 cars and keep the oldies, best touringcars for some good fun imo :)
  15. as kind of a bimmerphile I am partial to the 87's and would love to see the Audi and MB 190's added to the mix if you shadow DTM.. how about the Ford cosworth, Holden Commodore, Toyota Supra and NIssan GTR, Maserati Bi turbo if your shadowing WTCC 87? too?you could run some type of "historic series" on a wednesday maybe? this of course would take some work I am totally incapable of doing.

    And as Waren points out, and I have it, there is a very sexy massive skinpack already in place for the M3!!!!!

    I think Rhys is correct that they should not be allowed in a friday event.
  16. Why not just alternate weeks where you have a 87 race and then the next week you use the S2000 cars
  17. hhhhmmmm this has possibilities! but make sure if you were to enact this idea, that you select the tracks to fit the cars for maximum fun! if you schedule it in advance it could be any week you choose.
  18. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i voted yes cause i once ask a guy to choose an S2000 car in the friday event. the WTCC 87 are not part of the S2000 cars, on a personal note i do prefer the WTCC 87 over the S2000 cars. i often run the WTCC 87 on Wednesday night so if thats what people wants thats the car class i'll will always run.
  19. BOOOOOOYAAAAAAAH!:woop: good idea Yves! I sense a groundswell coming........:thumb::Hamm3rHed: