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Should I..?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Mario Knezevic, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Buy myself the Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2? Or what would you suggest me? I'm playing on Xbox but also have plans to play on PC because of online races.
  2. New upcoming wheel from Fanatec ( CSR Elite ) will be compatible with x360 and pc
  3. or the new ferrari one from thrustmaster.. pretey cheap
  4. Hmm.. CSR Elite - How much would it cost? I would not spend 300 euros for a wheel. lol. But I would spend 250. Haha

    Thrustmaster - Is it a good choice for a wheel? Will it work on Xbox 360? And how much would it cost?

    Sorry btw for so many questions, I just wanna be sure.
  5. 250€? I guess you have a way of bypassing the taxes and import fees, because those will raise the total cost by about a third of the original price.
  6. Damn. Is there any other wheels I can buy cheap? Not really cheap but you know.

  7. Only for the wheel ( CSR Elite ) the price is pretty high. It could cost 500 euros or even more.
  8. Hmm. The best choice is to buy myself the Xbox 360 wheel. It's cheap (even though they're not producing it anymore) but it is good. IGN says so atleast.
  9. The one with the pedals?
  10. I guess.
  11. Yeah I'm trying to buy one of those as well, kinda difficult to do so mainly because I'm trying to order one online with GAME or somewhere like that.
  12. I found one that I can buy in Croatia. It's under 100 bucks. lol

    Should I buy it?
  13. lowest price I can find 1 from a reliable source is round about £60.00