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should I get this game?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by schoenzy, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. So I fire up steam today to play some F1 2013 and I see this game on my feed. Before today I had not heard of it, which is weird because I'm relatively into sims. After some research, it seems like this is a pretty solid game with some potential. I've been eagerly awaiting Project CARS, but this may be an option for the meantime. I'm a huge fan of graphics, and this looks quite good too. Do you guys recommend it? How's the car customization?

    I mostly play the F1 series for career, and used to play a shitload of forza 4 simply for the car customization and a fun, relaxed experience. Shift was alright, way too sloppy, but fun nonetheless. Been waiting for a solid, broad track game (similar to forza for its wide range of cars and tracks).
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  2. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan
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    In AC you won't get soo much cars and tracks. Not official. For my taste graphics are better as forza's. Physics and FFB just epic and can't compare them to any other game right now. Car customization...yes you can make your own setup and make skins, or choose car upgrade, but nothing more from that.

    For 35€ you can't buy better game at this moment. ;)
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  3. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller
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  4. Chris James

    Chris James
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    This game can be played with a gamepad, but to get the most out of it it is commonly recommended that you get a force feedback enabled wheel. The Logitech Driving Force GT wheel is an excellent beginner wheel.

    This isn't a car customization type sim. In Forza you can buy any car and buy upgrades to make it a cookie-cutter car that matches every other car in any class, so that you can race a Honda Civic against a Pagani Zonda. This sim won't allow you to do that. Instead, sims like these focus primarily on achieving realistic physics, and thereby they highlight the real differences between cars classes. Sims like these also realistically focus on real motorsports classes, like the GT3 cars that will be released soon.

    I used to play Forza and GT, but when I discovered iRacing and rFactor, I haven't looked back. Now that I've tried Assetto Corsa, I don't think I'll be looking back to iRacing or rFactor either, once the content comes along.

    It's worth the money. Right now it's in Beta, so not all of the features have been implemented yet. Basically, if you buy it, you're buying a sneak peak at what the full feature will offer. You get a major discount for buying it now, and will receive all of the updates and the feature release for free. After that, the developers will continue to sell DLC with new cars and tracks.
  5. Pete Bone

    Pete Bone
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  6. Depends on how familiar you are with ACTUAL sims, not the games that claim to be Racing simulators and being put on the market with that mark... If you have never tried these type of games (like you claim), I would really think twice to get it. I know it's Single Player only, and if you think you can stand the constant spin-outs as the unexperienced player you are and the run-offs that's a good point forward. If you will be able to stand being crushed by people who have 5+ years of experience in Multiplayer (when it gets released) then I guess you could buy it. My point is, I do not guarantee that it will be fun for you at any point, or will it give you amusement with all the failures coming up for you when starting a Sim Racer career.
  7. Yes....If you are looking for the most real to life driving experience you can have on a pc than it is a no brainer...If you want to make a Kia compete with a Ferrari than it probably isn't for you.
    Right now there is pretty much only hot lapping (which is still really fun seeing as how close the cars feel to their real life counterpart) with features such as AI and multiplayer still being worked on.
    If it sounds too hardcore or you don't own a wheel there are assists that can be turned on and it can be played with a controller or even a keyboard but I can't say how well either of those actually work.
  8. Well, it will probably feel like playing guitar with a pan... May work but it's just not right.
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  9. Mapu

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  10. People can always progress. I started out playing games like Grand Prix 2, Grand Prix 3 and 4 etc. Then I moved on to consoles and mainly played Gran Turismo and TOCA games.

    My "breakthrough" as it were, was GTL, and it made me buy a steering wheel (which at first I couldn't get the hang of after using a pad for 10+ years), however after a week or so I really got used to it and was destroying my previous lap times.

    It all depends on whether as a racer you strive for something more realistic. That's why I initially got into Gran Turismo, because it was (at the time - 1998) the most realistic console racer (maybe it still is?). However I always wanted more realism, which is why I moved onto PC sims. After GTL, I got GTR2 and then RACE07 (which was a bit poor), pCARS then Assetto Corsa. I probably won't buy a SimBin game again, they seem to have gone off into a direction I don't want to be part of, however I really like what Kunos are doing with AC. It has a fantastic feel, but you really need a steering wheel to take the most from it.

    One thing is for certain though, we are approaching a really good period for race sims after years of stagnation with gmotor based sims. There was really nothing major released since RACE07 back in 2007, so its been nearly 6 years since the last "major" sim was released. rFactor 2, AC, pCARS are all out now in various forms.
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  11. Yes, let´s scare all the new potential simracers away by telling them how difficult and frustrating it will be for them. Its our precious!

    ...wait, let's not. We need more simracers, the more the merrier. Yes you should buy AC, and it really isn´t that hard to drive compared to some other sims (krhmrfactor2).
  12. It's possible to set comparable lap times with controller, but might be harder to find the right line with less feedback. Mostly cause AC is so easy to drive, it's fine using controller. But the force feedback is nice in AC, I'd recommend a wheel if you can afford one.

    Something I've never understood and experienced sim racers might know more about: why is it always wheel FFB, never pedal FFB? When I drive a car with a clutch, I can feel the hookup with my foot, in sims it's hopeless, just have to learn where to put my foot and turn up the volume.
  13. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    One word.................Definitely.

    Another word...........Absolutely.
  14. If you're questioning this, then simracing isn't for you. Get F1 2013 instead ;):whistling::sneaky:
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  15. Very true. Pedal FFB would be great, though would probably only really be useful for the brake and clutch mostly.
  16. From my 2p AC is no harder to drive nicely and feels not much different to say GT5 in the sim type modes or with the 'right' tyres for the cars in question.

    That is no bad thing, infact I think it's complementary to both games.

    They are both very good and show that they are both approaching realism in the right kinda ways.

    GT5's FF has the edge for now but hopefully that will change as AC team improve things further :D

    Well worth getting AC but remember it's just a beta for now so it's not finished.

  17. If I ever came to invent a device that wrecks your legs in a harder impact with the wall, I would probably be rich and famous by now, and also scare away the wreckers in most of these games. Damn, that would be awesome.

    On the other hand, replying to the rest of your posts. It's okay, you can drive this game coming from arcade games. You can drive thise with a controller. You can drive it with a drill turned into a steering wheel (can't find video now). The thing I question within my post is, will it be on an enjoyable level for the individual? Or will he be desperate about others outlapping him 'cause of the inability to keep up with the USB Pancake device he uses to handle that car around the track. Well, struggling the car around the track and being fast is not a milestone, but more like 100. If I'm not scaring arcade racers away from this game, it's no problem... the game will do that for me in matter of time. If the person has the stamina/will power/loyalty, you can call it however, he will stay in the game and eventually become fast enough to work down his handicap towads others. No, I'm not the one scaring people away here... Believe me, I know what I'm talking about :)
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  18. If you enjoy driving cars, simply get it for that. Easy, intuitive, and (near the limit) incredibly deep and rewarding.
  19. Well I have F1 2013 already as the first line of my post made clear. I don't see a problem asking people who've played this relatively unknown game what they think of it..

    As for others, great feedback. I'm always down for a challenge. I absolutely love cars, and just being able to drive them period in games like this is fun for me. I broke my neck snowboarding and will never be able to race around a track so these games are my little taste of what it would be like.

    Just installing now. Looking forward to it :)
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  20. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim
    Premium Member

    What pedals need is the progressive feeling you have on real cars (check nixim mod for g27 for example,there are expensive ones ,but it's a good start)