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Should I buy RF2?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Diego Balzarini, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. I've been enjoying SCE for the past 6 months and after a slow start and a bit of tweaking I enjoy playing all the reiza content.I play offline. Because of my job I cant commit to a league and even pick up races are impossible to find. Reiza has started with public servers and I manage to show up few times but not many were racing.It's my problem.. Leaving in australia you can only race online with Roos and dingoes :)
    I was wondering if maybe buying rf2 would give me more chances to find random races. At the moment its on sale...
    I know this isn't rf2 forum but if I asked the same question on that I would get biased answers;)

  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    @Diego Balzarini

    we now have an event on Sunday night (Australia time) if you can make it ;)
  3. xnorb


    rFactor 2 is definitely not a bad choice if you're into simracing, but i doubt it has a more active online playerbase than GSCE. (pure speculation, haven't entered the multiplayer in rF2 yet)

    If you only seek online action you should look at the more hyped games like Assetto Corsa or Project Cars. But don't expect clean racing in public lobbies...
    Or of course: iRacing, the mother of clean online racing.
    There's a reason why people go Premium here - to be able to have clean races without being forced into a league schedule.
  4. Thanks, u thought of going premium here but my main problem is that races are on GMT which is +10 for me. So races are at 8pm... It's 6 am here. It looks like my only option now is iracing... Not on mt list at the moment
  5. xnorb


  6. Thanks. II usually work sunday nights. But if i manage to get 1 sunday night off a month I'll be happy to come and race. I'll keep an eye on the forum...
  7. I noticed that US races are at 2100. Thats a day time race for me. Could be another option for me.:)
  8. rF2 has less random open races than Reiza I think, but leagues are strong there
    Their model pretty much kill the "random dude that may try a race or two and get addicted"
    The AI there is good tho, so even if you don't race online it shouldn't be a bad choice.

    I'm actually a lot more excited for Reiza's next title. If only they could share some stuff already :whistling:
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  9. In my opinion if time is difficult, the only good option is iRacing, it works for me. It just depends on whether you'll use it enough to justify paying for it, but I think you can try it out for 3 months for a small price. Though its a pain that a the vast majority of cars and tracks need to be payed for on top of the subscription
  10. I would say no. I have it and barely touch it anymore. Online is dead for casual pickup races and somehow the driving is much less satisfying. Everyone seems to say how RF2 is the ultimate sim, but for me Assetto corsa and SCE feel the most like driving an actual car. Maybe it's just because I find RF2 much much harder and it annoys me that I struggle to finish races without crashing.
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  11. Thanks, i have rf2 demo and I dont think that it's much better than gsce to justify another sim... Knowing that i dont have much time in my hands...
    I tried iracing for 3 months...i prefer gsce at the moment. I guess the best option is join rd for a year... Half price membership is pretty much a christmas present. From there, i can see if I'm able to race online and be part of this great community..

    Thanks everyone for the reply
  12. hex


    I bought rF2, because I thought it'll be awesome :) I thought wrong. My sim of choice is GSCE and I find it more attractive and joy-bringing than ISI's new child. Maybe some day... but for now if rF2 was a summer picture with hot babes on the beach, it would be very undersaturated one with fat mommas instead, if you know what I mean.
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  13. I think there was only one possible answer... YES.

    I have all the simulators, except overrated iRacing. rFactor 2 is my second option after GCSE. Then would R3E, Assetto y finally Project CARS.

    rFactor 2 has features that no others simulators has like real road and weather conditions. It has excellent FFB at the height of rest. If you're a sim fan rF2 is a must have.
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  14. Thanks, I'll keep an eye when it'll be on sale in steam
  15. If the main question is finding more full servers with rf2, I am not sure the choice is obvious :unsure:
  16. Dynamic track rubbering and weather are not unique to rF2 :)
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  17. jimortality


    What other sim has dynamic track rubbering or real Road?
  18. iracing recently added it
  19. jimortality


    Ok thanks