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Should f1 change their point format?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Austin Jordan, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. watched the f1 race and i forgot how the champon is determined by wins then points for tiebreaking which i was against. championships aren't won by a couple races. they should be for all year only so the driver who is more consistant wins the series. what do you guys think?
  2. Alonso proves that consistency is still key in F1, consistenly finishing near the front and just finishing races, remember, Massa led after Maylasia due to being consistenly up there early on, and I think it was in 07 or 08, Hamilton was leading after a few races, and he hadn't even won a race. Consistent pace, rather than wins gets you the F1 title, you can even look back to the Schumacher era with the likes of Montoya. He had immense pace, and so did the BMW powered Williams, but the Ferrari Schumacher combo was more consistent with it's results, and thats what made Montoya not win the title. He was just a fast (even faster and I'll admit that, and I'm a mega Schumacher fan) but things like his car, and some of his races just didn't fall into place, unlike the Schumacher Ferrari results in the dominace from 2000 - 2004.

    For the points system, I think its the best I've seen it, because, if you have a bad race due to mechanichal gremlins (Korea for Vettel), with a win, you can be right back up there, and that just makes it more exciting for us. Now, he wouldn't have been up there if it wasn't for his consistently great pace. I think, F1 ought to give out points for pole posisition and fastest lap, as it adds another bit of spice, especially for the midfield teams. Imagine one of their drivers are out of posistion no where near the points, the team might bring him in 5 laps from the end, give him clean air, on the faster tyres, to give the team one extra point. Williams are now just one point ahead of Force India, so it all adds up.

    For tie-breakers, counting wins isn't the best thing for judging a drivers season on, but there isn't anything else they can do really.

    So to conclude, the F1 points system (and may it forever be a points system, no silly medals system, apply that to the Schumacher era, would be almost pointless for Ferrari to turn up for the second half of the year some seasons) is good, it rewards consistently, but gives drivers the big incentment that, "yes, I've just had a bad race, but a win gets me right back up there" example, Vettel at Interlagos. But maybe add some token points for fastest lap and poles, would make things interesting and would force a team like Mclaren to take a long hard look at their Quali pace.
  3. Consistency has always been key. The 1958 (Mike Hawthorne) and 1982 (Keke Rosberg) Champions only had 1 win. No need to change that.

    I like the points going all the way down to 10th now as well. When it was only the top 6 it seemed a bit more punishing on bad form, and I liked that but the fact that a top driver can now have a bad day (not a terrible one, just a bad one) and still score is probably why we have had such a good championship battle this year.
  4. You have that the wrong way round - it's by points and then wins........ like it's always been.
  5. oh ok.
  6. If we were still on the old system we would have a tighter battle but Alonso would not be leading the championship. The new system is a nice battle as it does pay off more to actually win. Take Alonso for example with the extra win it puts gim ahead but on the old system he would be second.
  7. Look at how the situation would be with the 2003-2009 system(sorry, French article, but that shouldn't make a problem to read the tables): http://motorsport.nextgen-auto.com/Comparatif-ancien-et-nouveau-bareme-des-points,14972.html

    Basically all people from 1st to 12nd would keep their position with very similar gaps.

    Therefore I'd like to get back to the 2003-2009 system. I think the 2010 system only brings confusion, as it gets hard to do the maths during the races with those numbers. Its only advantage IMO is to reward 9th and 10th, which is a good thing considering that retirements aren't quite rare nowadays.