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Shorter stick for TH8RS?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by James Woods, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. James Woods

    James Woods

    Just wondering as i couldn't find anything on google for it - haven't got mine yet but just want to know if it's been done as the shifter length might be a bit too high for my setup.
  2. You can use any shiter knob out there, like the sparco ones, but i dont think its possible to get a shorter shaft. The only option will be cutting down and glue a knob on it.;)
  3. James Woods

    James Woods

    Shame, maybe thrustmaster will give me a second shaft (or for a small fee) and i can chop off 2-3cm in the middle and get it soldered, who knows :)
  4. What about just like this? Works for me. Don't use ballpoint pen rubber like in the video though. It was crap.

    Different knob for different day
  5. James Woods

    James Woods

    Great idea itrdc5 - if not the rubber, what could I use instead?

    did you use 100mm rods? looks ideal whatever it is you used.
  6. Rubber is good but need stiffer rubber, like the ones used in fuel hoses but might be too big for your knob. For example, for the original knob, I used 4 layers of dual core heat shrink tubing, heated with just a hair dryer. While warm, push it into the knob and then I let it cool. I found there was a slight bit of play when cooled so I tightened it with a pair of pliers. It's tight and works well. Can't stand knobs that freely rotates.


    Length varies depending on the knob you are using and what your preference is. The M6 threaded rods normally come in minimum 1 metre lengths so you will have to cut it to desired length. It's easy to cut with just a little hacksaw. If you do it, let us know how you go.
  7. Nvm my below comment, it's all in the vids posted above, it's by the same guy lol. Shame on me for not checking them b4 posting :whistling:

    I found a site a while back where a guy was making new h-gate brackets for the TH8RS with shorter throw, only 5+R and 6+R (as opposed to the original 7+R). I think I remember he had a guide for shorter stick as well. I'll try to find it again and post here.
  8. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Using a nut on the rod that you tighten against the shift knob works wonders for keeping the knob from rotating. This is what we would call a jam nut or lock nut. You can usually find a nut that has a fairly low profile so it is less obvious it is there.
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  9. Was just thinking the same thing Jim ;)
  10. When you can screw it down, then yes. My real car is like that, you screw down, and then line up numbers so they are dead ahead and then you tighten the lock nut to hold it in place.

    However, with the example above, we are not screwing anything, it's a 6mm rod with a 9mm knob. The knob is just held in place via pressure and friction, ie. from the material we insert between the rod and knob, In the example, the material is multiple layers of heat shrinked tube. Therefore, pushing a lock nut against it is just trying to push it out.

    Hope that made sense.
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  11. ahhh, sorry I just watched the video and I see what you mean! :)