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Short Track Ovals and Keyboard Don't mix

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Willie Watt, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Since I'm stil a rookie and my SR is below, 3, I'm stuck running the legends at Lanier and South Boston. I've been knocking on the door of podiums but they've been spoiled in previuous races by 1 or two unavoidable wrecks.

    We'll finally won my first race here last night, almost didn't run it as it was 3am. But 40 laps at 17-18 Secs each is only 12 minutes or so. I though What the heck. Having qualified, I was siting 6th on the grid. Ovr the course of the first few laos I was up to 3rd being pushed by the 4th pplace driver. Had run entirely clear (well a couple of 0X) from wall rubs.

    My only real penalty was a 4x caused when a driver, who'd been wreaking havok in the three prrevious races lost it on the front straight away and I t-boned him. Fortunately, there was no damage done to my car (don't know why but I'll take it). The three guys in front got embroiled in other incidents and i ran the rest of the race in the last 7 laps to hold onto the lead and win.

    On looking at the replay it appeared that the troublesome driver was using the keyboard from the fact that the front wheels were either full lock or straight. no wonder he couldn't drive it or felt that the car was loose the whole time (full throttle, no throttle).

    I'll post a video in the next couple of days too. I'm beginning to like these legends. Now to get above three so that I can get into the street stocks again.
  2. Yea Willie, I had a thrash on a legend the night before last. 80 laps round south boston and I might be starting to undestand it a bit... fun. I'm a rookie too so may enter a few races to see what happens.
  3. Hope to see you george. Just one tip, I'm running 270deg on my G27 on these ovals makes life much easier on the arms. With only small corrections when the back end steps out.
  4. 270... cool Willie, thanks. I 'll try that too. see ya there dude!
  5. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    I don't know why anyone would play this game on a key board. Really, what's the point? Anyhow, good luck getting out of those legends, Willie. Didn't know you were into oval racing. Or is that your only option at this point?
  6. Hooked on ovals since running kw. I'm in the upper splits at the moment so better racing. SR up to 3.58 so heading for 4 and promo to D and the late models on the long tracks( although cash may be a factor as i'v eonly daytona and charlotte. Can run street stock but they're not so good on short tracks. but Charlotte full course in a couple of weeks.
  7. Willie, where do you change the rotation of the wheel? In iracing or in the profiler?
  8. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    It is impossible to do iRacing with a keyboard.
    Try to set it to keyboard in the settings, it won't work.
    I've also experienced the tires in replay to look like they're either on full lock or straight because of bad Internet connection.
  9. in the profiler, then recalibrate in Iracing
  10. Got ya. Thanks Willie