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Shifting without using the clutch...

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Rocco Uder, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. ...the title fairly says it all, i can shift with using my clutch with my g25 in WTCC class (BMW). Is this how race cars work or is it some sort of bug?

    Before someone asks, yes, i´m using manual clutch (i have to use the clutch in 1st gear, but not between the other gears).
  2. The WTCC BMW uses a H pattern i believe, but on the game you can quite easily get away with not using the clutch and having auto clutch off - just watch it on the brakes into tight corners.

    Most of the cars on Race 07 and GTR Evo use sequential gearboxes so you only use the clutch if you are pulling away.
  3. This seems to be on topic so I will ask here. I see people stating they are using auto clutch. Why do they do this? Are you using syquential shifting? If you are doing this with the H pattern what is the purpose of auto clutch?

    I'm not talking about auto gearbox, just auto clutch.
  4. Auto clutch is used by people who don't have a clutch pedal - as using a button for a clutch its pretty difficult as a button is either on or off, whereas the potentiometers used in pedals allow a full range of movement between 0 and 100% which gives proper control.

    You can happily run without a clutch pedal and with auto clutch off on most cars - but of course if you spin it will easily stall unless you are quick to get the car into neutral. With a H pattern there is no shift delay at all in most games which means you have to lift or use a clutch in order to stop the car from sliding when you change gear.
  5. As Jmaes stated you can use the clutch to stop you from sliding (understeer) but in certain models youcan chage gear and produce Oversteer bringing you tighter into the exit of the corner and still retain the speed.
  6. How does using the clutch stop the car from sliding when you change gears? I think you mean "rev matching" by blipping the throttle whilst letting the clutch out in coordination.
  7. Some rally cars use what I believe is termed as a "dog box" ... dunno about the WTCC cars, but its probably or possible they could use the same thing, as it would be quicker than having to depress the clutch between shifts.

    As far as I know (which is not much actually :p) this is an H pattern gearbox that does not require you to use the clutch (possibly auto engages the clutch as you move the lever, or maybe it has some fancy synchro-mesh affair??)
  8. The only car I have issues with is the E90, so should I use the clutch on downshifts with this? I have left Auto-Clutch on, but this can be overridden at any time by using the clutch pedal on the G25...

    On another note, the clutch is ver good for getting you out of sand traps, more so in rFactor or GTR2 as the sand traps don't effect the auto clutch in GTR Evo as badly...
  9. LOL, if I used my clutch in my real car to counter over/under steer my clutch would last a whole 8,000 miles at best! Unless I am misunderstanding the use of it with the game.
  10. A clutch stops the problem as you are lifting off the power for a very small amount of time and the clutch is progressive so as it comes back in to give the car drive its very gentle and means that the car doesn't do anything unpredictable.
  11. I have to admit I'm using a G25 but auto-clutch and sequential for most races. Now I'm sure you can be fast regardless of how you shift, but it seems the general suggestion here is that you can have more control when using manual clutch?

    I'm assuming (as has already been stated) is because you can use the clutch to disengage the drive, and then bring the power back on a lot more smoothly? At the minute I'm just having to balance the throttle very carefully, but I guess using the clutch manually would help me with my wheelspin problems out of the slower corners when I put a touch too much throttle down?

    Interesting topic actually as I never saw the benefit of the clutch, but maybe I ought to start trying to use it (and be very careful to rev match if I do - I can see myself in a barrier if not!!)
  12. There have been raised some good points about using the clutch and I mainly use manual clutch.. but from time to time (for example in RD WTCC league for safety purposes) I turn on auto clutch so my car won't stall when I forget to push the clutch when I run off track.
    And you're still able to use it manually to get a good start..
  13. Race cars with sequential shifting dog boxes use the clutch just once or twice and that is to pull off from stand still or to come to a full stop.

    Most sequential systems (BTCC, WTCC, Clio Cup, Porsche Cup, F1, F3 etc etc) use a electronic shifting assisted "dog box", the gears are none helical, they are straight cut and do not rely on syncros. The gears are 'pushed' in to gear, normally this shouldn't de done on full throttle as the force required to change gear is too extreme for the driver and the gearbox, flat foot shifting wil sheer teeth off of the dogs in most none syncro transmissions.

    The majority of modern sequential gearboxes are electronic assist, at each UPWARD gear change engine ignition is cut for 0.1-0.001 seconds (depending on system and car) thus 'throttling off' and allowing the driver to sit flat footed on the throttle - it sounds like a full throttle gear change but it isn't!

    On DOWNARD shifts the electronic system also blips the throttle to match revs for the lower gear thus allowing a quick and clean downshift without the aid of syncros OR driver input - these systems do remove a certain element of skill from the driving but are also the most widely used and mechanically safest.

    I personally find the 'auto-clutch' setting the most authentic in that you have fully assisted gearchanges and should never been using the clutch.

    In fact, in real life, using the clutch for gearchanges is more dangerous and runs the risk of damaging the dog teeth - the reason for this is that a human is much too slow and the process of engaging the clutch, changing gear and releasing the clutch takes too long, the electronic sensors, cuts and blips work much better! ;)

  14. Great info there, mate! Whn i´m at home, i try NOT to use the clutch in an R8 (non racing version) and see what happens :)
  15. I find the clutch, as James suggests - useful for down shifting. I tend to shift down too early and if I don't use the clutch I'm off making doughnuts on the grass. Furthermore, clutch just feels natural to me (whether or not it's neccessary). Using auto-clutch sort of feels 'incomplete'. A bit like chewing a steak and not bothering to swallow it... Okay, not the best analogy, but you get the picture. Oh yes, and I can get a better start with clutch but maybe that's just me.

  16. If I were you I would try to perfect the art of balancing the car with the throttle to do what you are doing will cost you too much time


  17. huh? I wasn't stating I use my clutch...I was stating I do not.
  18. OK. only trying to help no need for the huh
  19. I use the clutch for the starting. After, i don't use it.