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Shelby Cobra S1 @ Goodwood

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Georg Siebert, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Driven with the S1 version, check your gear ratios if using the S/C one
    rather stable
    1:26:368 with vintage racing tyres

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    Last edited: Aug 24, 2014
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  2. Thanks for your setup ! ;)
  3. Danny Walker

    Danny Walker
    0l' stone

    Thanks, Georg Siebert for your setup its seems to be quite nice what little I've got to use it. I will practice and see what I can do.....Thanks again!
  4. @Danny Walker, if setup suits you, it would be great :thumbsup: if you would use it in todays race in Goodwood, we're kind of short with participants.
  5. Danny Walker

    Danny Walker
    0l' stone

    I Truly Wish I could, My darn Wheel has quite me:mad: I'm waiting for my order from Fanatec. :rolleyes: SORRY!:cry:
  6. What did you order from them?
  7. Danny Walker

    Danny Walker
    0l' stone

    OH, I ordered the CSW Base and 1 steering wheel. Right as they ran out of the base's. But, it may have been a Blessing in Disguise as I hear they are coming out with another wheel???? Maybe a Direct Drive with FFb Wheel.......I'm hoping it is!
  8. Jamie Barclay

    Jamie Barclay
    Premium Member

    great setup thanks, i got a lucky 1:22:9xx the other night with it