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WIP Sheep Valley

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Andre_1th, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Sheep Valley

    Working my brains out to create my 1th track, within the time that the trial demo allows me.
    Soon some screenshots. In the mean time I wish to thank those guys who really helped me out with simple silly questions :D
    Creating a track is even more addictive then racing, 2 packs of sigarettes, 2 liters coffee an hour, my god what I'm doing?
  2. I guess a lot of people here know the feeling ;)

    In my case I can only do limited development work on tracks and conversions (fortunately?) since I'm running this pc stuff on a Mac so I have to switch back from emulator to emulator, even though it works ok, it's still a bit of a pain. (But hey, once it's done I won't need Windows to run a track/car/whatever, which is always good.)
  3. Aha, so you're right arm is as dead as mine now? Doesn't feel too good, arm needs blood, mouse higher then my ellbow, so no blood into underarm and hand, same probs with Mac ? :)
  4. Ok, some Sheep Valley screenshots. Unfortunately need to learn cam's also, but time is ticking :(

    SH003_as..jpg SH004_as..jpg SH005_as..jpg SH001_as.jpg SH002_as.jpg