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Share your own best textures!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by E.Zelaieta, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. I think, it can be interesting for all BTB users :laugh2:

    With this, whe take in hand a tread with the best source for RBR and rFactor

    textures, ready for download and use in out BTB stages/tracks.

    To start, my own modified textures, based on Wixi and CG Textures.




    Thanks to Wixi and German Garage track designer team for they work in

    recopilate all original RBR textures and to CG Textures for their great source.

    Have a nice day.
  2. nice textures E.Zelaieta
  3. Thanks :party2:
  4. nothing more to share? :thinking:

    210 reads and only one have shared textures :rotfl:
  5. Thanks for sharing!

    Agur ;)
  6. 'Read' is often dozens of times higher than 'Replies'.

    In my other area of editing textures can be a max of 256 x 256 and forget about bump and specular maps. So high res & high quality textures aren't my forté :p

  7. Im not an artist :poke:
  8. i would help at the moment, i'm trying to get vista more stable,(waiting for product key)..so more or less be patience my little padawan.:), who said vista was a pain in the b*tt, was right.permission for this permission for that.LOL
  9. I plan to share an xpack of trees once i'm all done making them. A few pines, some poplars, a gum or two, a couple of other types and some bushes.