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Share your opinion on the cars

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Stelios, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. Stelios


    Hello guys!
    After the latest update, it has occured to me that i cannot make my mind up about which car is my best. I can see many people post around the forums that a car is the best sim car ever made, the funny thing is, they all talk about a different car.
    Some talk about the M3 E30 GrA , some about the 458 , 599XX EVO etc.
    This only shows that a) people have different tastes and that b) Kunos has nailed it for almost all cars. They feel GREAT.

    I decided to make a list with my top10 cars (so far).
    You can see the list bellow, you can also post your favorite cars.
    This list is personal preference, some cars i like to screw around with, others to lap them.

    My top 10 AC cars.
    1. Ferrari 599XX EVO
    2. Ferrari 458
    3. McLaren MP4 12C
    4. Pagani Zonda R
    5. Lotus 2-11
    6. BMW M3 GT2
    7. BMW M3 E30 Group A
    8. Ferrari F40
    9. BMW M3 E92
    10. Lotus type 49
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  2. Being new to Ac, its tricky to stick with a car and try it properly as the choice is so good.
    From what Ive tried so far I would go with:
    BMW Z4 GT3
    KTM X Bow
    Tatus F Abarth
  3. My Top 3 cars at the moment:

    1. Ferrari 599XX Evo
    2. Pagani Ronda R
    3. BMW M3 GT2

    The sound of the 599XX is amazing :)
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  4. My favorite car is the S1 BMW E30 (street) : It is one of the slowest cars in the game and according to the leaderboards it is the one I am most likely to be competitive in. Slow cars suit my slow arse lol

    I already love and adore the F40 with 90's street tires...not sure how well I would fare racing this beast but just keeping it pointed in the semi right direction is some of the most fun I have ever had

    Third favorite is a toss up between E92 BMW and Ferrari F458 : Both of these cars are absolutely brilliant in their own way. I could also replace either of these two with pretty much any of the family of Lotus (Loti? Lotusus?) which I never would have imagined before driving this sim.

    The race cars are a blast to drive but I am so far off the pace in them I can't imagine ever being competitive or even reasonably safe around others in them.

    The E30 DTM : Oh my my, this is a scalpel in the hands of a butcher but I will spend much more time trying to raise my game to be worthy of this ride.
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  5. Stelios


    Scalpel in the hands of a butcher. You got that right.
    I laughed so hard when i read that.
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  6. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    From the selection of new cars my favourite is definitely the Z4 GT3. It drives, looks and sounds incredible.
    I've really started to appreciate the MP4-12C. It's taken me forever to learn how to treat it right so it turns in without snapping oversteer on corner entry.

    But I think my favourite car is still the 458. It's just so special. It's beautiful, it sounds great and the handling model is fantastic!
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  7. I need to try that car.
  8. The slower cars were made for Magione.
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  9. Impossible to decide what car is my favourite, I like all of them, except the slower Lotuses with too much grip and too low BHP :p
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  10. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    wow! really difficult decision!
    I couldn't do a top 10...each car has it's own qualities.

    The top 2 I would like to drive on a race track or nordschleife would be:

    1.Pagani Zonda R. So fast. An absolute beast of a car with great balance. You can really push this to the limits. I just did a 1.39.9 at Imola in it which felt fast but there is at least 1.5 seconds available to go even faster. the track just keeps coming at you.
    2. Ferrari 599XXEVO. Not quite as quick as the Zonda around Imola in this. Silky smooth though and lots of grunt.

    Both those cars are a joy to drive but aren't so easy on the eye.
    for pure drivability AND eye candy it has to be the Ferrari 458.

    Top car for speed and looks:
    1. ferrari 458

    It is rapid and looks great at the same time. If you want to drift a little/slide it around, you just put some street tyres on and let it rip. the f40 looks great but is not as well balanced as the 458 and much trickier to drive. even more understeer.

    does anyone know if any lambourghini's will be included? I've always wanted to drive one. one of the only cars that could match or even beat a ferrari on looks alone.
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  11. I cant list my favourites. To hard.

    It's the complete opposite of iRacing, where i only enjoy driving 3 or 4 of the cars. ( I still cringe at the amout of money spent on cars that i'll never drive again there) With AC there's only a couple I don't enjoy driving, and even those at least still feel like real cars. I can happily pick a completely random car in AC and know I'll still have a fun and immersive driving experience.
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  12. 1. Z4 GT3
    2. M3 GT2
    3. P 4/5
    4. 599X
    5. Not sure yet.....
  13. Same here, I thought I had finaly nailed my favorite car choice when driving the F40 around Mugello on 90's tyres, but then I drove an other one and was not sure anymore, LOL.
    If I was asked which one they could remove I might say the Fiat, but I am sure that if I was to drive it again right now, I will regret that comment.:)
    Keep them coming!
  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    1. BMW Z4 GT3
    2. BMW M5
    3. Abarth 500
    1. Ferrari F40
    2. BMW E30
    3. Lotus Exige
  15. They are also suited to Vallelunga Club.

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  16. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    1. BMW M3 GT2
    2. P 4/5
    3. BMW Z4 GT3 (currently skinning)
    4. Ferrari 599X
    5. Pagani Zonda R (mine has teeth though, always eating tyre barriers). Guess it's hungry!
  17. The GT3 is crying out for a 4096 paint kit.
  18. Fried Chicken
    -M3 GT2
    -Formula Abarth
    -Abarth 500
    -Evora S
    -Z4 GT3

    -E30 Gr.A
    -Exige Scura
    -Lotus 49

    -Zonda R

    Combat Meal
    -E92 M3

    Just except cars mentioned, I'd like to say of Abarth 500 and Evora S.
    The 500 SS, in spite of FF it is the most neutral steery steet car, very easy to sense your state and give you a feel that you're trying your best with early full throttle but never simple, the suspension is hard enough to sports drive but not allow you to overdrive, it's never high grip.

    And Evora S, as someone said he need MX5 this is a bit heavy the mazda. if you call exige series hotlapper this is a track tourer. This will never do any of snap if you go gently. No understeer, smooth reaction, well, very fun to drive.
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  19. The new S3 458 is totes amazeballs.
    Everything I wanted the standard to be. From the way it drifts, doesnt understeer, to the way it stops.

    I have also spent an unreasonable amount of time popping the F40 lights up and down from TV cam. :)
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