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Shaking in the pit lane (G27)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Nathan Turner, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Hi can anybody help me. I've used both Google search and this forums search functions and I didn't unearth anything.

    The problem is with purely GSC, no other game (even rfactor) my G27 violently shakes like crazy even when I am sat in the pit box before I've even gone out on track.

    With rFactor I have the same profiler settings as GSCE and the same -100% in the FFB in game and I don't get this shake.

    Anybody have any ideas/suggestions?
    Thanks in advance

    Additional : Profiler Settings: 150,150,150,150,270 everything ticked except combine pedals.

    I know you could just say, turn FFB down, but it's a nearly new wheel, and on every other game I can have everything up as high as I want without it wrenching my arms off stationary in the box.
  2. Lazarou


    Turn the FFB down. Those values are way too high. Mine is something like 105,0,0,0,540° with only enable game to adjust settings ticked. Also 270° on your wheel is not really using it to the full.

    You will be encountering massive clipping with those settings missing out on a lot of feedback through the wheel.
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  3. Nox

    Staff Premium

    I have 101, 0,0,0, 900°; in game FFB somewhere around -80% (I don't remember precisely) (and using about 30 degrees lock). Feels good to me. I agree with Lazarou that 150 is waay too high.
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  4. You'll rattle your brains out, mate.

    I agree with the above - try their settings. For reference, mine is 107, 0,0,0, 540, -40%.

    A bit low, but it feels fine, and it feels like it'll last a little longer. Rotation is purely my personal preference.
  5. If the shaking occurs with a direct or shifter kart, it's normal. But be careful with that ffb settings, they're too high.

    I have 100, 0,0,0, 270º if it helps.
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  6. Okay so I took you're advice, thanks by the way guys, appreciate it all.
    FFB to 100 in profiler and the shaking stopped even at -100% in game :)

    However I have now generated an additional problem, (should I rename the thread? don't wanna break any etiquette here).
    When I use the Formula Reiza (note the FExtreme is fine) I get this horrible grinding feeling through the weel, all the settings stay the same - track, etc everything. I just change between Fextreme and Freiza and on the Reiza the car feels horrible.

    Any ideas/suggestions?

    (Seperately - can someone explain/link me to an explanation, of clipping?)
  7. Nox

    Staff Premium

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  8. Looking at the trends here, I'm guessing Logitech wasted their time putting in the Dampers and Springs... :roflmao:
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  9. Lazarou


    Nox's settings are great for any gmotor2 sim, after trying them it comes down to personal preference with regards to lock/steering ratio etc. For any sim (AC, rf2 etc) with a logitech wheel the force setting should be around 100% give or take a few. If you have AC or a sim with a FFB plugin have a look at what your FFB plugin is telling you if you are constantly maxing out then you need to turn the strength down, a bit of clipping is fine but I would imagine you are maxing out ffb even in a straight line with those settings.

    Reiza's GSC realfeel settings already have got clipping built in so lower end wheels like ours feel good. Which is a nice touch by them.
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  10. Set Spring, Centering Spring and Dampers to 0, and see if that helps?
  11. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Agreed; the 900 is my personal preference (and that is after 2 years with my old wheel at only 270; I find it far more precise at a higher value), but I know a lot of people sticking with 540. It's all down to preference at that point and what you're racing. Same settings for FTrucks with 900 degrees feels perfect for me, for example.
  12. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    i like 540 a good allround for open wheelers and tintops, with 18 and 20deg lock respectively. :) 100ffb CP and 80 on game.
  13. Lazarou


    Clipping Mr Turner is basically when you swamp you wheel with feedback that results in missing out on vital information as to what the car is doing at the upper end of the scale. With us sim racers not having g forces the wheel is vital part that informs of what is going on with the car in relation to grip/slip etc so if you miss that information then that will impact on your driving.
  14. Okay, thanks for so many replys guys, again it's very much appreciated.
    I honestly appreciate not being treated like the moron that I am in this area, other forums would have built up at least 4 pages of insults by now, much respect :p

    I am off to try out a few things and I'll give some feedback shortly about what went on.

    I'll try:
    Nox's guide
    Ho3n3rs suggestion of Set Spring, Centering Spring and Dampers to 0
    Changing the in game and profiler rotation from 270, to 540 and 900, and trying both.

    Also thanks for the explanation Lazarou, I Google'd clipping and obviously came up with many erroneous results :p

    Getting some random FPS spike issues at the new Joburg track, gonna try some of the suggestions in (http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/random-lag-spikes.98333/) that thread; wonder if they've wacked some intensive gfx things in there. No worries not asking for help with that here, just making conversation on my current experiences :p
  15. Lazarou


    No problem you idiot, I mean Nathan. We all want you to get the best out of GSC and your wheel. We have all been there in the beginning, you don't ask you don't learn, then you may just give up. It can look quite daunting at first until you get up to speed then the same rules apply for most sims just maybe implemented slightly differently.

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  16. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    I find FFB varies between cars so there's no real default