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Shadows and lighting on some places to dark. (tyres to dark)?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Luka Deu, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Firs of all, dont get me wrong AC is simply out of this world. I am loving it all the way. I have nkpro, FVA, and I will buy AC and every DLC that will come out!
    The thing that botherd me is some lighting. I think is to dark. For exampe, if you drive at 14:00 and its suny, you should be able to see tyres and shape of it . In AC every thing is just black if it is not closeup (see the video). And I think that lighting could be a little brighter. Is there a way to set up brightnes (GAMMA corection).?

    PS. Dont mess with GFX engine becous it is exelent with 3D Vision :) :)
    Thank you..
  2. For me the only thing is that with HDR on the windscreen appears to be tinted. Turn HDR off and it looks like you'd expect.

    Lighting looks fine otherwise imo.
  3. Have you tried changing the exposure using the page up / page down keys?
  4. Thank you guys. I always drive in cockpit so I didn't notesed that with HDR it gets darker. I tried with PgUp and PgDown but because I use 3DVISION and the sky gets realy bright, I get a lot of ghosting.