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Shadow problen in tunnel

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by bigcarva, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Hello
    I have a track where a tunnel goes under the road.
    I'm having problems with the shadow.
    I would like the shadow of the tunnel affects the car when it is inside the tunnel.
    but the problem is that it does when the car rolls over
    Is there a way to isolate the shadow?
  2. Try putting an invisible wall on the roof of the tunnel and set it as a shadow caster with the shadow to fall on cars, make sure its facing up (I think its up,, if up don't work then face it down, but I'm pretty sure its up)
  3. thanks mianiak but I cant do it.
    I will try explains better.
    take a look fig 1.
    I have a tunnel and road/trees above tunnel

    fig. 2
    I want the shadow┬┤s tunnel and I want affect the car.

    fig. 3
    But the trees above tunnel, make shadows inside of the tunnel. I dont want this shadows inside.

    fig. 4
    but I want the shadows trees on road above the tunnel.
    you understand??
    sorry about my english.
  4. I forgot one thing. I dont want the shadows tunnel affect the car when it above the tunnel near the trees u know?
  5. Try this for your trees?

  6. but if uncheck "cast shadows", the trees dosent make shadows on the road above tunnel.
  7. set low ?
  8. thanks God and Andre :)
    great tip, I tried many things but nothing.
    this solve my problem. thanks again.
    now I release my track. soon