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Shadow...bug ??

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Hansje van Hees, May 13, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I can't see the shadow (cockpit)...when driving my MINI, bridge,trees and so on.
    Always use SHADOW full, its the most realistic way to drive a car around a track.

    WTCC cars same problem, others have no such problems !!!!

    Anyone ??? Is there ever gonna be a fix for this ;)

    Hans :thumb:
  2. What track?, video settings?

    I don't have it on any track, any car with cockpit. But I'll have a extra look on it for you tonight :)
  3. All video-settings...tracks with bridges and trees :D

    Any ideas I can try next week, sold my Game-processor today...so can't play and try things out at the moment, but any idea is welcome :alla:

    Hans ;)
  4. Have you tried it yet Maik :D

    Hans ;)
  5. So many views, don't tell me I am the only one :D

    Drive any street-circuit in the shadow of buildings...in a mini, and tell me what you see, no shadow in the car !!

    Hans :sign0085:
  6. Never did this before...but

    BUMP :sign0163:

    Hans ;)
  7. Ill try it in a min for you Hansje :)
  8. i have diffrent bug,with sun.when i use cockpit view(every track,wtcc cars,minis) sun shinnes even through the roof (not just through window).this is really strange.I will try and see if i have same thing tha You have.
  9. Can we add more info so its easier to help:

    GFX card ?
    Driver ?
    O/S ?
    Online ver / Offline Ver of Race 07 ?

    If poss PICS to boot.
  10. Card 8800GTX

    Driver 175.16

    Windows XP and SP3

    Both versions same problem..both up to date !!!!

    GTL and GTR2...no such problems ;)

    Hans :)
  11. Did you have similar problems with the previous Nvidia Driver?

    If not can you either roll back or download the old driver and unistall the new one?
  12. I tried a lot of older drivers...can't remember 100% but I think they all had the same problem.

    If you drive under that Macau bridge...do you have shadow inside your MINI :)

    If so, which card do you have, must be ATI :D

    James did you tried it yet ???

    Hans ;)