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sf15t is very slow on the straight, no ers deployment

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by jacktorrance, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I remember other users complaining about lack of straightline speed and since a few days ive installed this mod I experience the same: car doesnt accelerate out of 7th gear on MOnza straight with wings at 2, and ers deployment bar stays full or almost full.

    I fiddled some with the ctrl+number options but is there a masterswitch to turn it on somewhere? Why doesnt it work? Any tips?​
  2. No problems here with the topspeed.(original version of the game;))
    Use DRS and the different MGK-U programms! :)
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  3. I thought it would be nice to try the new hybrid v6t cars, but this sf15t mod is slow as hell. I cannot reach 300kph on the straights, whereas the real acrs do 340 350 easy at Monza. Where is the speed in this car? Even with pressing kers this car does not have top speed. Why?
  4. low recovery(30%) top speed profile, motor deployment, low engine braking, but this car does not go above 300kph.
  5. You need to shift approximately when the first white/blue led appears.
  6. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Maybe try buying the Red DLC Pack which has the original car in it with the correct data. ;)
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  7. I did, and then installed the f1 championship mod. Could that be it?
  8. A championship "mod" don't change anything on the cars.
  9. Topspeed for me in Monza (DRS open, topspeed setting, car in front) around 355 kph.
    Why you open another thread for the same problem?
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  10. My topspeed barely goes above 300kph. Why is that? Ive seen posts earlier in this thread about it but cant seem to find them now.
  11. Are you shifting on the correct revs?
  12. Are you playing the game car or mod? But would be more useful if you make a gameplay video and have on screen the car's steering wheel in cockpit camera, and the ERS management app (is a native app in game, no download) for us to see how you put the ERS settings.
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  13. Maybe it's my horrible ability to push open-wheelers, but the SF15T feels very fast to me! :cautious:
  14. Thanks for the help guys but nothing works and im so, so far beyond the days I liked fiddling for hours to make a mod work. A game or a mod should work and if not: bye bye. I requested a refund from the various DLCs I bought. Asseto, together with automobilista, has been a huge disappointment. If you dont do online racing, stay away from these games.
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  15. Why do you refuse to make a gameplay video for us to tell you what you're doing wrong with the car? Please do one as that will help us help you.
    When recording the video, have on screen the car's steering wheel in cockpit camera, and the ERS management app (is a native app in game, no download) for us to see how you put the ERS settings.
  16. you are talking about the official sf15-T right?? i tested it a ton at monza just last night. imo its a bit slow top speed-wise, but nowhere near what youre getting (300kph?? id guess just out of the box, with DRS, youll hit at least 320...)

    a video would be super helpful bc its hard to say how what youre describing is even possible.
  17. your using 8th gear right...7th does top out at 300
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2016
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  18. Thank you and all of you for the help. I noticed and activated the in car app. It only shows wich mode is engaged, not whether it actually working. The power bar on the steering wheel first depletes the red part then the green bar, but still the car does not get above 300kph at curva grande.

    I gave up, uninstalled it. I have to say, reading that manual, this kind of F1, is not for me. I jumped into the 138 for a few laps and that car is so much more rewarding to drive and hear. This V6T era is something i will completely ignore. and rightly so.

    But thanks for all suggestions!