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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by stadlereric, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. stadlereric


    I want to get some discussion around the settings for this car, how to use them and how they effect things like single lap performance and race pace. I know a little bit about these hybrid F1 cars but they are very complex (I'm definitely not an expert on the subject). I know there is a lot of discussion about this in the AC 1.7 and red pack thread but I bet a lot of us would benefit from a dedicated topic just to talk about this car. Yes/No?

    When do you set the engine brake higher or lower and why? I's there more to this than just lower settings on faster tracks?

    What is the difference between MGU-H motor and battery mode, and when should the setting be changed? I can't tell the difference quite yet.

    What about MGU-K delivery?

    MGU-K recovery and the effects it has on performance, handling and braking? The car handles quite differently when recovery is set to 10% Or 100%.
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  2. Michael Stead

    Michael Stead

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  3. rocafella1978


    you kind of have a headache or look for a RL engineer to drive those 2x cars and understand it all!
  4. ouvert


    just go few clicks up on all dampers and you`ll be flying in that car ... literally :p
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  5. It has an effect on fuel consumption.
    Did a test yesterday with engine brake setting 2 and 12 (of 13). With 2 on Nürburgring GP I ran an average of 2.54-2.55l/lap, with setting to 12 it was reduced to 2.46-2.47, so roughly a 3% difference.
    Though with higher engine brake setting the car is a bit less stable while braking and on turn-in, but this is a bit tricky since brake bias, engine brake and MGU-K recovery all have effects on stability at braking, turn-in and mid-corner. The hard part is finding the right balance here and adapt other settings when on setting is (significantly) changed.

    General tipp from Aris in the dedicated thread: Don't trailbrake (or keep it down as much as possible), after braking sharp turn-in and get the car straight on exit for maximum traction for slower turns.
    On medium and faster turns run as wide a line as possible an aim for late apexes to get the best drive out of turns.

    It is quiet complex, but the main thing about it:
    Basicly if you have a MGU-K deployment setting that would give you 70% of electric power at a given moment the MGU-H mode has these effects:

    - "battery" mode: the harvested energy is used to supply some of the 70% electric drive power and the rest is coming from the battery. When you don't use electric power the MGU-H energy charges the battery

    -"motor" mode: the electric motor adds to the 70% of electric power, which is fed completely out of the battery and the MGU-H energy adds to this 70% power delivery, giving a combined output close to 100% or when normally not using electric drive it's not charging the battery but supplies the motor, so you get 20-25% of electric power.

    (I hope this explanation is clear to you guys, my technical english isn't the best...)
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  6. stadlereric


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  7. stadlereric


    What kind of times are you guys getting around Spa, Monza, Red Bull Ring, and Silverstone?

    Spa 1:51.3
    Monza 1:28.9
    RED Bull Ring 1:11.6
    Silverstone 1:38.9

    Not very good LOL. Now I need to dial in my setups. Which seems easier maybe than other F1 style cars
  8. Edu Martinez

    Edu Martinez

    should battery mode recover more green bar than motor mode? I think so, but in game it is the opposite.
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  9. Dan ONeill

    Dan ONeill

    Yeah not sure what's going on there, i can't work out if I have it wrong or there is a bug, seems a few people have mentioned it both here and on AC forum.
    I know that if you purposely run out of battery over a lap and set regen to 0 you can use the MGU-H unrestricted (I think this is normal as its use is not restricted). If you then select battery on the MGU-H mode then you get the same amount of energy as if the energy store was full and when you switch to motor you get less.
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  10. I mentioned that yesterday and one guy had a good thought of what the reason for this might be (probably it's a bug).
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  11. On hotlapping I run about the same lap times, within 1 or 2 tenth of a second.
    Medium tires, about 15l fuel and ERS to Hotlap, Overtake or balanced high. (balanced high with manual use additionally)

    With 55l fuel laptimes are 0.7 to 1s slower, with ERS to stay at same level of SOC over the laps maybe another .3 to .5s slower.

    Although I can't really improve with softer tires, even the soft tire is overheating on 2-4 wheels after half to 2/3 of a lap on a fast lap, so I lose time in the last part of a lap which is about the same to what I gain on the first half.
    Super-Softs I just tried once and where even worse.
  12. Currently running the car in motor mode saves battery energy while giving you more power.

    But then again apparently battery mode is also bugged so...
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  13. My best time on Silversone is 1:38,5....Fuel=25. Medium tyres, MGU-K=5, MGU-H=Motor, ERS=Overtake, Engine Brake=10.... After few laps i had fastest time first sector, almost one second, but i crash in Woodcote :(:cry::thumbsdown:
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  14. stadlereric


    Sounds like you guys are seeing more power/speed from the MGU-H in battery mode? Or am I reading this wrong. I also thought that motor mode allowed more power to the wheels.

    I'm getting the hang of this cars settings and it's a lot of fun and frustrating. I like when I set the regeneration to 100% at Monza, slam the brakes at the first corner and tail spin out of control. Lol

    I read that more regeneration = longer braking distance, which doesn't seem to be the case. The car nearly stops itself at low speeds.
  15. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Battery mode harvests energy from the heat generated from the spinning turbo and sends it to charge the battery. So it's not deploying energy to the wheels, whereas in Motor mode it's harvesting heat energy from the turbo and sending it directly to the MGU-K for deployment to the wheels.

    • Motor = A bit more power and battery is discharged more quickly.
    • Battery = Less power and battery is recharged by the MGU-H.
    More regeneration on the MGU-K results in longer braking distances because there's greater retardation in the rear axle due to the harvesting taking place on the rear brakes.

    At low speeds, you can stop the engine braking feeling by lowering the engine brake settings (0-13). Gives you a bit more rear downforce, but uses a little more fuel.

    You may have already read it, but we have a very in-depth guide of how this car works thanks to @Aristotelis and Jon Denton. :)
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2016
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  16. Stan Getz

    Stan Getz

    got an 1:38:9 on silvertone too. I used a setup from this forum (was for the Red Bull Ring but used it on silverstone. For me this setup was better than the standard setup).
  17. Stan Getz

    Stan Getz

    Going to try out your setup for the enigne. Nice time (1:38 minus 1sec) ! I did a 1:38:9 on SS and low fuel.
  18. I couldn't believe the first time I got in this thing, oh my word! They did a fantastic job. And then I got into the tatus and had an amazing calm race lol
  19. Now Fuel=20, Medium Tyres, MGU-K=5, MGU-H=Battery, ERS=Top Speed (or HotLap), Engine Brake=10 and fastes lap is 1:37,748, but I made a few mistakes