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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Patrick.B, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Hello Guys

    is it possible to change the T Cam position of the SF15T like this ?

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  2. i will the Cam too.:( Patrick my friend..here is tobias xDDD
  3. No, but there is a stock app called "onboard settings" you can move the default in cockpit cam around to any position.

    Hint: use external cam (like F5) while tuning the onboard settings to see where the actual camera is. It will be shown as a yellow cross so you can position it exactly where the real camera is on the car.
    And remember to click "save" afterwards.
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  4. It works but only with the cockpit cam. but i cant see the helmet ?
  5. Hmm idk if there is a way to enable the helmet... I remember having it in some cases like in replays with cockpit cam, so it might be an option somewhere. Or it is hardcoded in which case the only other solution would be to use F5 cam (you can move around with WSADFGZCBV and shift/ctrl for different speeds), but that one cannot be saved per car.

    ps: ah that F5 cam needs to be enabled first in "camera_onboard_free.ini" file - it's located in AC installation folder -> system -> cfg. You have to switch "SPHERICAL_COORDS= from 1 to 0 there to enable the F5 cam to move around.
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  6. wow it works thx mate :)