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Several layouts, one MAS file

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Set out to make 10 tracks under 150mb.. To find out if it is doable. And it is.. I can't believe that no one has used this trick (insert view post ##### from the archives here that this is a well known trick and i'm late, as usual..) Oh well, just in case i ain't, i'll make this post.

    First you have to draw every road that is to be used as a racecourse. I started off with one GP size track and started expanding it. It resulted to a point where there are over 14km of tracks laid out, some 5km, some 10m long. The final trackpack has 2 GP, 1 oval and 4-5 different layouts, ranging from the 2km Oval to the fullsize 12,5km. The amount of layouts is only limited to your imagination and how usable they really are..

    The trick is to use the exact same objects (walls, objects,sobjects, materials etc.). You can make walls or piles of tires to cut off the track layout, put signs etc. After all objects and materials are edited, save the project, then save it again as a "master project", keeping the original as a backup master.

    Save it again as "layout" project and edit the objects to your needs but DON'T MOVE THEM!!! If you move them in one layout and then use another MAS, it leads to a chaos, minidumps and sudden explosion inside your head. Usually the moved objects appear in the new postion in all layouts that use that mas but stranger things have occurred.. Just use the object properties and mark the unnecessary objects as no render and no collision etc. Edit your AIW and export.

    Open the master project and save it as the second "layout" project. Edit objects, edit new AIW and export. Rinse and repeat.

    Then you can combine the two track folders. If you made everything properly, it doesn't matter which mas folder you choose from what layout, as they all should be identical. By the way,So are many other files too, so you can edit different cameras for each layout.. Just make sure you edit the .trk files to point to the new folder address (the first two lines) and Presto: You have two track layouts in one track filesplace.

    Known downsides:
    If you make Jr or Indy versions, they still load up the whole track so it takes a little longer to load.. And export.. and edit..
    Possible FPS drops near crossroads.. This could mean a lot of LOD editing.
    VERY VERY hard to keep track versions compatible.. Basically there can't be made any edits to the layout projects, only to the master.

    Takes a LOT of diskspace as you have to copy every used/unused material and object from the main project.

    There can be a solution to delete some objects from the smaller layouts but i think the order of the layout exports is so crucial that it creates an increasing possibility that nothing works at the end.. Also the possibility of using one master project to edit materials and objects, terrain etc. and a "layout" project to create AIW only has problems. I have the start/finishing line location from the last exported layout in all layouts.. which is very, very strange as the AIW, as i have understood, puts them place.. But if you use the same start/finish point in all layouts, then this solution can be used and it is much, much more easier.. Sadly, i didn't notice it but yesterday after 2 months of editing.. oh, well, have to do it the harder way, as has been a lot of things in this project. Thank Science, i have brand new HD.. :wink:
  2. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
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    Thank you! I have worked on a track with 6 layouts and had a lot of problems building it. This post above could help a lot working on new layouts for the project.
  3. Okay, i found the nagging start/finish line bug... It is xfinish.gmt so i need something like 3dsimed or such to reposition finish, pitin, pitout, sector1 and sector2.gmt.. Any body know the answer to this? Also for every layout needs its own set of these files, i don't know if that is even possible.

    But using the same startline, same pit and sector gates the sky is the limit.. And available videomemory..

    Fortunately, along with new HD came new OS so i can use 3dSimeds 20 days trial again which i stupidly didn't remember to use after the first install.. Hint: Dont't do that, it will bite you in the ass when you really need it..

    EDIT: The weapon of choice is 3dSimEd, don't know if other softwares can do it too. Edit the xfinish.gmt file (reposition it), save it under different name (ex. xfinish2.gmt) and then editing the corresponding line in the .trk file.

    For ex.
    Same goes for pitin, pitout and sectors. Grid, garage and pits are in the AIW.
  4. Wow - awesome! I have been trying to combine four tracks into one mass with all the problems you talked about. The solution is brilliant and simple! Thank you!
  5. Ok, a small update with request: Could somebody explain/show how to edit the .trk file. I made xfinish001.gmt and edit the lines inth etrk. file:

    The game does a beautifully excecuted minidump..
  6. This is what is says in the .scn file for Mills Metropark:
    Render=False Change=False VisGroups=(32)
    MeshFile=xsector1.gmt CollTarget=True HATTarget=False

    The object itself spans both layouts:

    I imagine the same sort of thing will be necessary if you have two S/F lines
  7. I do have an error there, it should state Instance=xfinish001 but i still get the minidump.. I'll keep digging.. it should work.. it shall work.

    EDIT:Or should it? Does the names have to be excactly xfinish, xsector1 etc.. The .trk is a little mystery to me, can't seem to find info about it, how it works.. Simple trial and error either has not got me to a solution yet.. I can solve it in my case of simply keeping the timings gates identical but then i have to make two layouts as a standalone, which pretty much destroys the concept in my case.. Aaarggh if it is so..

    And that drating logoff is annoying here at RD.. i would like to keep me logged in more than 5 minutes at a time, you idiots..ok, 15 minutes or whatever or is it somehow my browser... Can't be since the same happens no matter what OS and browser i use.
  8. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I am able to stay permanently logged in.
  9. Heureka! Sunday afternoon and ski jumping is strange combination, seems to create good ideas...

    Anyway, the problem was, as you can read from previous posts, that there can be only one set of "xfiles" (xfininsh.gmt, xpitin.gmt etc) in one track. These was a problem as different layouts can't use the same timing gates. There is searchpath variables in the beginning of the .trk file (red= new variable):

    The trick is to create a unique set of those timing gate files, put them in separate folder and point the searchpath to that folder. Repeat the procedure for each layout and you have the solution.

    So, here it is, peeps. How to create several fully functioning layouts using only one mas folder in Race07. Haven't got a slightest idea if this can be done in other gMotor games. I'm just over the moon as this saved my concept from falling totally apart and wiping three months of work almost useless. Whoah..

    EDIT: Too bad there seems to be no info about the .trk file format. It's very difficult and time consuming to try the different parameters via trial and error. I think there is be something veru usable features hiding from me. I noticed when reading .trk files from other tracks. There is something called xcorner also, what the heck is this?

    70Fuji.trk has these lines in it:

  10. Just finished the last exports.. It took a while and a lot of work. I kept having disappearing objects, so i had to change all the objects that marked the different routes with SObjects and walls. Not best solution but at least now the whole mess works. The target 150mb got exceeded to 170mb but that's fine..

    i have a one questions still and it's very minor issue. I made a new category as there are 6 layouts. I just can't make the tracks appear in the right order in the game menu. They aren't in alphabetical order or anyother i could think of. It would be nice to have the two GP layouts at the top of the page and so on.

    You can download the tracks from here (91mb): http://cream.galleria.fi/SRS/Tracks/Botnia.zip