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Sever reservation

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by nijeat, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. There's one suggestion about sever system I've thought before. I cannot expect anything how useful practically this is but this has also been in iracing and 2 years ago when I last tried it, it was one of what made me to be impressed. I think it might be as good if being polished enough.

    For example, there's a empty server and I join but if nobody joins since then, I sometimes exit shortly even in 10~20 mins. And particulary in case of the off peak time it could be easy to accrue. As I'm in UTC+9 hours, I think that with more less people the timing seems to have easily gone.

    But I once can do a reservation for any time and if it's displayed near by the server(for example, reservation:1, 1hours to race or qual) and if for empty server only the first person can decides the time by himself within 2 hours(whatever), so the server will be able to save people list during the time, and then the people do join at that time. But it's not duty and the control of the time could be disallowed by server creator or fixed as one time setting(on the every hour?). And the reservation is allowed only after once join the server(join and ping check) and the join is first come first serve within server max clients, and and plus anything or any way.

    How do you think?
  2. Hmm not good? or no need for everybody else?
  3. To tell u the truth i didnt understand :notworthy:
    These times remind me to take proficency also in english :laugh:
    Can u explain it more pls?
  4. Haha I'm sorry I'm sorry. :D
    English is certainly hard for me because it's completely different from my Korean.

    BTW now almost games have broadly a similar online system from what just join and exit. But a game like iracing has a slightly different thing which (if I remember correct), though I haven't joined the server, can make a place for me in the server with joining on the web and can leave remaining user info

    And from that, my point is what I do it on the server list of AC. For example there are two types of button and one is for join the other is of reservation for certain server and specific time. If I make a reservation in empty server for specific time to race or qual, the server would get a count of reservation '1' and therefore I don't have to wait for someone else in the server. If there's anyone who want to join the server(which has the time which I decided before), the man too can reservation, then when it's the time to race or qual everybody join the server. Of course they can be in already before the time, and it's not a duty.
  5. haha no problem mate,well ur the first Korean sim racer i meet :D

    If i understood well,ur proposing this idea so u can be sure that u will join in a specific server that u want?
    Or cause people will see that theres a reservetion and will join in the same server instead of joining another one which is empty and therefore u will not be alone?

    I dont know,maybe its a cool idea but i think when AC will be released im not sure if we gonna find any free "seat" available in the servers :D so maybe yes we will need reservations hehe.

    Some time ago in netkar pro there was a guy (Lazlo Janos if im not mistaken),that made a very cool system for netkar pro.Many servers that were predefined with practises,quals,races for specific Champs or fun races etc.It had that option that u are saying(almost)...I found it cool cause u could see who is gonna join either for practise or race etc and if u liked it u knew where to join ;)
    Unfortunatly this project didnt had much supporters(i guess cause was the idea from iracing) even if it was a cool project and end up closing...

    So even if theres not in first release i guess we can do it :)
  6. Almost both of what you're saying.
    The reservation is of specific server and about the same as joining, and of course the count is expressed by server like 'userstring' in nkp, reservation X.

    You mean nkworld right?
    I don't know well about it how the system worked though but may be similar to, and no schedule but much lighter than anyway iracing. Displaying reservation count, revising the time to start the race by a first man in empty server(or fixing the time by server creator), the server will be able to save people during the time as no empty than nothing. maybe..IMO
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