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Setups & Lap Times Workbook - MS Excel 2007

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Rahul Paul, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I made this worksheet to keep a track of all the different setups posted by various guys here and my lap times & notes for the setups. I used to do this on a spare notepad and couldn't bear rummaging through it all, so made something that would make things easier for me.
    I don't have the expertise to post setups, but maybe this could help any of you guys to track various setups/progress for each circuit. The file isn't rocket science stuff but it might make things a bit easier.

    Its a heavy file (9.9MB) so cannot upload it here. Let me know if anyone wants it and i can send it or post a link.
    (Edit: Added a lite file without the circuit maps that bloat the filesize)
    Please note that this is an Excel 2007 file and when it opens you need to 'enable Macros' for full functionality.


    Home: Circuit Selection area. Go to the desired circuit by clicking the Box.

    Individual Circuit Pages:

    Mode: Select from a dropdown of TT/P1/P2/P3/Q1/Q2/Q3/Race

    Home button: Click to go back to Circuit Selection

    Setups Area: Setup fields to note down your permutation & combinations of all things technical or take notes from the setup wizards on the forum! Rename a setup if you like.

    Lap Times:
    • What does each Setup do for you??
    • 15 Laptime entries per setup
    • Notes - should you want to note down something specific about a particular lap/run.
    • Sectors 1/2/3 - Note down your best Sector time or any other detail of note.
    • Feed in your laptimes and see the fastest, slowest and average lap times.
    • Each lap in will automatically calculate the difference between current and last lap.
    Circuit Map: 2011 circuit maps (with stats) and critical points of interest.

    Do post back if it helped you (or not).. suggestions & feedback welcome!! Cheers!!

    Link to full version with Circuit maps: http://www.4shared.com/file/wrDlowAx/F1_2011_-_Setups__Laptimes_-_T.html

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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

  3. Might be worth uploading the file to Dropbox or a file-sharing site.
  4. Thanks Bram.. I hadn't seen that one.. this one is a little different (I try lots of setups and track down each laptime with this one). It's use would vary from user to user anyway! I'll try and upload to DropBox and post a link.
  5. Would love a copy of this if you could please send me the link.
    I have started my own spreadsheet but yours sounds a lot better than the one I have done.

  6. Thanks, but try it before you buy it (uhh.. not really, its free)!! Its quite basic at the moment IMHO.
    Have put it on DropBox, it is syncing and says 15 mins to finish. will post the link as soon as its synced.
  7. Added a lite version of the file without the circuit maps.
  8. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    This is extremely useful rxpaul. Looking forward to you posting the link to the heavy version as having the maps readily available is always handy. I was thinking of doing something similar myself so many thanks for the work in putting this together much appreciated.
  9. @Peter - you're welcome. My internet speed sucks so the heavy version upload is taking ages. Hopefully will be done soon.
  10. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Cheers mate, i'll be waiting ;)
  11. The link is up (on the first post).
  12. Hi.
    What is meant by the "Diff"? Why the difference of two results multiplied by 86400, what is this number?
    Not work correctly buttons Kuala Lumpur and Korea, though it can be easily treated:)

    In any slachae thanks for their work.
  13. I would love a copy please. :cool:
  14. that set up directory is great. but it has one problem, set ups using the 11/11 glitch (and most of them do) will eventually have to be deleted if/when its patched.
  15. "Diff" is the difference between last and current lap time (it is multiplied by 86400 to convert time in decimals to ss.000 format).

    Have updated the file with Kuala Lumpur and Korea buttons working.
  16. @lthicks - its right there man!! :cool: