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Setups keep missing!

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by gkr747, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. HI, there seems to be an issue here..I am using the PC and I am creating setups for the tracks, saving them and playing..well and good...as long as I do not exit the game and just come out of the race and go back to the menu and relaunch the race, the setups will be there...

    but after I exit the game to desktop, relaunch the game and go to a race where I saved my setup...I find the setups are gone!!..This happens to any track and how many times I save back, if I exit the game, thats it..the saved setups keep go missing..

    This issue seems to have started after the new patch has been installed..all setups I saved before the patch installation are still there and no issues...its only the ones saved after it that go missing..anyone please help...is this a new bug from the patch or I am missing something???
  2. Likewise...mine too disappear when I reload the game.
  3. You have to save your profile as well. Setups are part of your profile, so when you tell the game to save a setup, you actually tell it to "save the setup when saving the profile".

    I guess you guys have autosave set to off, so just goto "my F1" -> "save" before you quit the game, and the setups should show up the next time you run the game.

    Another reason could be that you can't save your profile anymore because you have mods installed. Some mods are recognized by the patched game as cheats, which disables the save function. In this case, uninstall critical mods (usually those that alter the database.bin or surface_materials.xml) OR replace the f1 2010\system\flow.bin file with the pre-patch version.
  4. I'm pretty sure it's a mod then that's causing my issue...thanks for the heads up 'tappex'