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Setup value question

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Zermatt, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hi, I have a question about the setups posted here on race department for this game. Whenever I open a setup file it says stuff like ''ride height 0'' ''front anti sway 12'' or ''gear one 6'' So just values usually ranging from 0 to 20.

    But when I go to the setup ingame I get whole different values, and its not just a metri/imperial problem. For example, the front anti rolll bar as default is set at 110nm, so the setups posted here are practically useless for me because i cant figure out how to ''translate'' them
  2. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    The game uses 'steps' instead of the actual values, which is why a single click on a setting often makes it jump by multiple nm/bar/whatever. So, if the ARB has 10 possible settings in-game, the value in the setup file will be 1-10.
  3. Weird. I dont believe some of these setups are right. For example, I tried out a WTCC Honda setup but it has a really weird rear camber setting which makes the car very unstable.....something isnt right
  4. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Perhaps it suits the person that posted it, but not you. Setups are generally determined by driving style and personal preferences, both of which vary greatly from person to person.
  5. I know but......in Forza 2 I frequently got top 10 times, sometimes even winning an official tournament. In Race Pro on the Xbox 360, I had some top 10 times aswell, same goes for Dirt 3, but in this game Im just average, I usually finish 10-15th out of 25. Perhaps I should find some of my Race Pro setups and try them out in Race 07, it should work because Race Pro basically is Race 07 without the DLCs
  6. You shouldnt need to translate them, most of the setups should be .svm files, once extracted place the file in the relevant track folder in:-

    My Documents/Simbin/Race07/UserData/CarSetups*folder with track name*
  7. ah thanks I didnt even know that
  8. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    No offense, but those games are not in the same league as Race 07 because they are all 'arcade racers' with very forgiving physics models. They're designed to be fairly easy to drive so that they have mass appeal and allow everyone to jump in and feel like a pro. In contrast, simulators like Race 07 are meant to be as realistic as possible with all the difficulty that implies. Try to drive like you do in arcade racers and you will not be fast. You have to learn to drive 'properly'.

    Try reading some real race driving guides if you're having trouble. The techniques described in them often work just as well in sims. Just don't expect to become an alien overnight... I've been sim racing for years and still rarely finish above the middle of the field. :p
  9. Same happened to me too, i was unbeatable in GT4, lapping in sync with the best (according to GTPlanet circa 2006..) and once i started to drive with Race07 i was miles behind. I've catched the mainpack in +3 years but the top is forever lost.. That won't stop me trying.. ;) If you ask from the serious simracers like the pros from iRacing, they will no doubt consider Race07 as a simracing title so it's not just this game that will give similar results, it's all of them.

    One of biggest changes for me was the gameplay, i got used to the fact that if i was 2nd and the top three were lapping with similar times but if i spun, they suddenly started to lap 3 seconds slower.. Here, no one is waiting, the rubberband is completely gone. If you make a mistake, be ready to drive alone long periods of time. In 40 minute races it's not uncommon to not see anyone for 20 minutes of the race time. It makesa completely different game play where the start is hectic, then we do some racing, then we drive alone. So in terms of excitement, it's a dropping curve. But that makes the wheel to wheel full races that much special, i've literally been shaking for 15 minutes after a particularly tough race. Also starts are so much more nerve wrecking adn the knowledge that the feeling is similar in other cars around you, makes it even worse.. This is mostly mental game and i've grown to love it.

    Also the setups in simcades (half arcade / half sim like GT series, Forza, NFS Shift etc.) are not based on real life. I don't like that Race uses these arbitrary values of 1-20 in suspension while i know that it could show the real values.

    My advice is to leave the setups alone for now, use the factory defaults for any given track. When you're driving in addon tracks, try to find a similar track from the game content and use that. What happened to my setups was that first i set it up like in GT, didn't work. Then studied one parameter at a time, the setups got wildly different than factory until one fine day i was forced to drive the factory setup again (thank you Friendly Development Series, look it up, it's worth it..).. And suddenly i was faster with default setup, not even the track default, just with default out-of-the-box setup, the car was stable, it turned, it braked....

    Now if i drive WTCC i touch three things, steering lock, brake pressure (to fit to my wheel/pedals) and possibly differential power/coast to fit to my driving style.. People here are very helpful but i never use the setups as they usually are too far from the factory defaults and suits only one type of driving style. If you find someone who has a similar style of setups you need and he's posted a lot of them, you're in luck.
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  10. But be aware, this is addicting stuff... One could almost describe it as a legal high, a psychedelic experience.. The nerve system gets tweaked and once you get to +60 minutes racing, the body is going thru some heavy stuff.. Usually at 60 minute mark, my nerve system is so used to the track that i found my gear shifts coming before i think about it, the hands twitch by them selves and that can lead to double shifts. It's really strange feeling when you see the corner coming and your hands start to turn too early and it's not concsious effort, one needs to actually slow down everything. Everything is happening automatically and in slow motion. But once it's in sync, wow boy, does that tunnel feel nice.. There was no similar "in the zone" with GT series when after the race i can't remember what happened. All i know that it was awesome.
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  11. Oh I remember in Grand Prix 4 I was driving a full race when i realized its already over, Im first place with consistently 1 sec faster times than my previous best, and i remember myself only being in the first stint. the time between that and the finish - total blackness, but when i looked at the replay i was driving mad laps...

    Never again though :mad: