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Setup to drive steady and stable rounds with

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by gignu, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. I just tried to drive a few laps with the fsr mod in rFactor 2 and I noticed that its quite hard to drive a decent round without wheelspin etc. Unfortunatly I couldn't find any setup for this mod, especially "suspension" and "advanced" I have no hint what to adjust. I would we very happy if someone would post his setup or some tips. Also "Brake bias" and "Differenzial Lock" I have no idea what to do with it.
    I know that there is already a Setup post, but i wasnt able to open the link in it, so hopefully I get some help here.
  2. nobody will post their setup :)
    brake bias should be easy to fix - if you lock up front tires too much then move bias more to the back. If your ass slides when braking then move more to the front etc

    Eduard K
  3. ok thx, nevertheless perhaps someone could share a basic setup, which is not fast but easy to drive. Would be very cool :)
  4. Easy to drive is a bit subjective. But you can start from the basics; add more rear wing angle (or reduce front wing), make front springs/front anti roll bar stiffer and/or make the rear softer.
  5. The base setup is ok to practise with. I always try to improve my driving first without big setup changes when learning a new mod. As David said, after brake bias you should work on wings, then soften a bit rear ARB and test front springs. Finally camber, caster and engine brake map. I'd say those are the most important things with this mod. Differential isn't too bad with default values. If you want to get further you should definitely join a real team that could help you.
  6. Check your wheel settings first. If you always spin, 99% you have been given wrong feedback from your car. Setup is pointless if you have your wheel set wrong. I've had learned that hard way. "Overall effects strength" is often overlooked, but in my opinion this is the most important setting for good feel and laptimes.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2014
  7. I think the wheel settings are ok. I set the brake bias to 55% - 45% which feels acceptable and the frontwing to 25 and rearwing to 60. Its not really stable, but better than before. At least I manage to drive 1:37 in Bahrain but this is maximum with this setup. Because I just want to drive hotlaps I did the brake map to maximum. I think it works quite well.
  8. The base set up is really stable, dont think drivers will use an even more stable one for the race.
  9. Here you have a clear example of what im driving, just touching the white line and half spin.

  10. yes I know, things like that happen to me too :) Thats rFactor ^^
  11. Best thing you can do in rF2 is to leave all those settings as they are by default, unless you know what are you doing.
  12. And can you say me what brake and tyre temperatures are best? Because currently my brake temperatures are about 900 :D