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Setup saving

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Chris Bell, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Had a little issue in both Career and Online Co-op where ive done a setup come out of the game between quali and the race, gone back in to do the race and my setup has gone back to standard and cant be changed as its in parc ferme?? Anyone else had this issue??
  2. yes. its very common unfortunately.

    Moral of the story; do quali and race in one sitting.
  3. it happened to me in the demo. However, on the full game I did Australia, took an hour break between qually and the race and it was fine. Is this just a pc issue or should I be watching out for this on the 360 as well? :)
  4. happened to me on the 360.
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  5. 360 this matey!!
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  6. right, thanks for the info. I'll make sure I have the time to commit to the whole race weekend :)
  7. Happened to me today on PC. Worst bug i saw until now. (Just playing carrer)
  8. Same here.Obviously a bug.
  9. A way around this if you dont have time to do the whole race, is start the race with your custom set-up. then quit to main menu after the first corner or so. i did a race that bugged out, so quit the game and rebooted, and when i came back to starting it again my custom set-up was still there.