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Setup query

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by rhysjj, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. rhysjj


    Hi do the setups on this site generally apply to all cars or are they for the specific cars stated?? I use the ferrari online ps3 and cant seem to find many set ups for it on any tracks. Also the setups dont seem to save?! Where can i get the best possible set ups? thanks.
  2. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

    Well you could apply say a Lotus setup to a Mercedes, but all cars perform differently. If you take a setup and use it for another car, you're going to have to make some small adjustments to match the car's performance.

    If you're looking for setups for online, look for setups for Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari. When car performance is set to equal, the car will perform like these cars.

    Setups can be saved. On the tuning screen, it's the far right option. Once saved, it can be loaded on any car on the track it was saved on.
  3. Bill Devery

    Bill Devery

    All cars are a bit different in their handling etc, which is actually a great thing IMO. Just choose a setup for the track you want that is fast. Don't worry about what car it was set in. Get a fast setup and tweak it for your style...you might make 1 change you might make 10 changes...we all drive differently. I'm pretty sure the Red Bull is the closest to the "equal car performance" handling model.

    You can only save and load your setups if you sign in to GFWL. :)
  4. TGApples


    It's not just the cars that are different - the drivers and track conditions are as well. If you take a setup which is awesome over a single lap on time trial it's fairly certain that that won't be the best setup for a 20% race. At the very least the gear ratios will be wrong.