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setup problem..

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Lukian, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Lukian


    hello, its my first post at rfactor not f1 forum :)

    got some problems with setuping the car (no assists) (f1 2012 mod , formula renault)

    first when braking, i dont know how much bias i need to move to front to dont lock up my rear tyres and dont spin and brake quick enough to start turn. It could be matter of weight distro ? had put differential coast on 70% brake bias 60-40% brake pressure 75% (antirollbars low enough to get car understeer, front springs higher than rear)
    - yes i dont move my wheel while braking, it happens when i start braking hard like 80% pedal put,, and then while downshifting to 2nd gear car start to spin like on 3rd gear coz of rear tyre lock up)

    second, when speeding on straight my car like to spin i dont know why i dont move my wheel, it happen on 1st-2nd gear (or everytime when i am on 1-2 gear i need to throttle a little) is speed sensitivity and steering lock could help me to reduce the spining ?

    Please help, got only codemaster f1 setup experiance and i am trying to find myself into rfactor2 setups
  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater Premium

    I really do not have enough setup experience to give you a decent answer, but I am sure there is someone who does ;)

    I would wait just a bit longer with using the F1 mod. There is an update coming soon, and as I understood, there will also be some things updated about the physics and handling.
  3. Vaggelis Theodoridis

    Vaggelis Theodoridis

    I suppose the weight when u brake comes too fast in front thats why ur rear locks.

    1 question:To delay this transfer u can put more rear slow rebound or put more front slow bump.(choose 1st if it doesnt work then go to front).
    2 question: I dont played this mod but when u say in straight then again ill suggest u to: lower the rear slow bump or lower the front slow rebound.

    The slow bumps/rebounds helps u to delay or make faster the weight transfer.Ill try to explain why i told u these suggestions so u can understand and start playing by yourself:

    When u press gas the weight goes back.The rear springs are compresed(bump-they are going down) and the front springs de-compresed(rebound-they are going up).(its better to have these in ur mind as an image..its easy).
    if u spin(when pressing gas) means the rear doesnt have enough grip,so u make the weight to comes faster in rear of the car.
    The same idea applys to the opposite(weight transfer from rear to front).U have to have in mind that,bump=spring down,rebound=spring up,the values like fast/slow are for how fast springs will move up/down.

    PS:fast values are for kerbs/bumbs,slow for car handling(braking,accelerating..).
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  4. Lukian


    sounds logical going to test it :))