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Setup Manager Support

Discussion in 'WorkerBees RBR Plugin Support' started by Pete Mull, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Downloads & Links​
  2. Here is the download link to the latest RBR SetupManager release:

    RBR SetupManager 2.4

    Excerpt from the readme:

    RBR Setup Manager 2.4 for RBR 1.02

    A simple app to copy/move car setup files to and from the RBR SavedGames
    folder. It automatically renames the files to conform with the RBR XslotNNN_
    naming convention.

    It also enables you to edit the setups using the context menu Properties
    option or by double clicking the list entry.

    Requires .NET Framework v2, and RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe 1.02 in the current


    Unzip all the contents of the installation archive into your Richard Burns
    Rally installation folder (where RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe is located).

    Update History
    Version 2.4 2015-05-30
    * added tooltips
    * double click to open setup
    * Polish translation by Wojtek

    Version 2.3 2015-02-21
    * fixed save/restore of window positions

    Version 2.2 2014-09-18
    * added support for online plugins

    Version 2.1 2014-08-14
    * damping with 2 decimal digits

    Version 2.00
    * calculate and show the block length of the helper spring
    * fixed units
    * fixed decimal digits of some values
    * fixed naming of some values
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  3. Thanks WorkerBee, yet another very useful Tool for us. :thumbsup:
  4. jebus I am stupid, I have it installed but errrrrrrrrrrr I dont understand the instructions. I know, I know, but I DID point out I am stupid....
  5. Which of the instructions did you not understand ?

    I think the readme gives at least some advice on how to get going.
    I could not describe it much better here.

    At least editing a setup via context menu by clicking the right mouse button should not be that difficult.
    Drag'n'Drop between the window panels is standard Windows user interface.
    It is similar to using the Windows Explorer.
  6. I cant seem to edit/create the paths, I run the exe and from there Iam not really sure how to set the path to my setups. or where the library is/should be.
    Gawd bless you for trying to explain, it will be a uphill struggle...
  7. Examples:
    Library Path:

    RBR Path:


    If you do not know what «rbr» is supposed to be ..., well ;)

    See these just as examples. You then can create subfolders from within the manager to create a folder structure to suit your needs, e.g. Xsara/gravel, Xsara/snow, Fiesta/gravel ect ect.
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  8. I may be going mad, but what i ment is i could not type where the paths go, now I can. Naturally, i did not change anything either... sometimes my stupidity is awesome!

    I applaud your patience, and with juuuust enough sarcasm to keep it all interesting. I will hopefully get it up and running tomorrow (when I have enough time) but as someone who has a setup for each track (all wrong mind you) this should really help. Thanks for all the hard work Mr B
  9. Version 2.0 available for download.
    As usual, details in the second posting and in the readme file.
  10. Version 2.3 available for download.

    The latest version fixes an annoying window position issue when minimized on close.
  11. I have the software setup as follows:
    But when I drag and drop the files onto Car 7 folder it tells me that the file exists and do I want to overwrite it, i say no. When I go to look at the folders the two files don't appear in mix, gravel or any of the others. Am I missing something ?
  12. Could be that it does not like that you have no subfolder in "Library".
    Just create a "Peugeot 208" or whatever folder in your Library.
    Then it should work.
    I recommend creating separate folders for each car, then gravel, tarmac, snow folders in each of them.
    Helps keep things organized.

    I have tried dragging a file directly onto the Library folder, which causes an exception.
    I think I can live with that ... so obviously subfolders are a requirement.
  13. Version 2.4 available.
    Details see second posting.
  14. Folluto


    Very nice,It is very quick to setup whether with teamfriends