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setup for nissan silvia

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Emynem, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Wanted nissan silvia s15 for setup mode rivals the Bernese Alps, can you give me some advice for the drift some guidance? excuse my English but I am Italian
  2. I'll post you one of my setups later on when I'm on Forza (still in bed atm lol)
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  3. Rivals Mode: Snow Drift, Bernese Alps
    Between 600 - 700hp, Production, RWD.

    My Score - 44,383

    Nissan Silvia S15


    Engine and Power:
    Race Air Filter
    Race Fuel System
    Race Ignition
    Race Exhaust
    Race Valves
    Race Displacement
    Race Pistons and Compression
    Sport Twin Turbochargers
    Race Flywheel

    Platform and Handling:
    Race Brakes
    Race Springs and Dampers
    Race Front and Rear Anti-Roll Bars
    Race Rollcage
    Race Weight Reduction

    Race Clutch
    Race Transmission
    Race Driveline
    Race Differential

    Tyres and Rims:
    Sport Tyres
    Upgraded Front Tyres (215/50R16)
    Upgraded Rear Tyres (225/50R16)
    Rims: Advan RGII (Personal choice)

    Aero and Appearance:
    Just make sure you remove the rear wing. Any other body parts are OK.

    Engine Swap:
    GT-R R34


    Front - 28.5
    Rear - 25.0

    Final Drive - 2.99
    1st - 3.85
    2nd - 2.26
    3rd - 1.54
    4th - 1.24
    5th - 1.03
    6th - 0.88

    Camber: Front, -2.0
    Rear, -0.5
    Toe: Front, 0.0
    Rear, 0.0
    Caster: 7.0

    Front - 28.10
    Rear - 22.40

    Front - 570.0
    Rear - 566.5

    Ride Height:
    Front - 5.7
    Rear - 5.6

    Rebound, Front - 7.9
    Rear - 7.8
    Bump, Front - 6.1
    Rear - 6.0

    Braking: Is up to you.

    Acceleration: 85%
    Deceleration: 80%
  4. 17 days in bed Dan!? You lazy @&@&£&£erM
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  5. I'd completely forgot! lol. I saw the thread there today and thought shoot!