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Setup compare tool?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Dietmar, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    first thread in this group!?!?!?

    I am actually looking for a tool to compare setups, I think that would be help full for me learn more about setups. I know I can load them, but would be easier to be able to compare it directly. Any idea?

    I actually started coding myself one, but I guess the moment that will be done, we are looking at Race 20 :).

  2. No idea if there is one, but looking at the files it looks like something I could do for a few weekends at work. I'm guessing that GTR etc use the same file format
  3. I never compared them (but I also did not reinstall GTR after last system crash :) ), for GTR there was one, I think (HTML based).

    The coding should not be to complicate, my problem is, that I am not really an active programmer anymore and always have to decide between, becoming a better driver or do the things supporting to become a better driver :)
  4. Yeah man I know just what you mean I think and I too would like to know if there is a way to see the settings side by side? I actually use the MoTeC output from GTR2 lots for analysis and I find that's good now I believe that Race and rFactor also uses the same basic Physica engine I know there's an rFactor Pluging I have that though I've not used it alot since I've mostly been in Race 07 and GTR2...

    I'll look too and let me know??
    Cheers Grant
  5. or more simply you can just open both files next to each other with a text editor (eg. notepad, scite, etc) and scroll through them ...
    Simple always works best for me :thumb:
  6. Yes, technically possible, but than you dont have the interpretation of the values defined in that file and still you need another tool.

    I actually started coding something (it actually reach a state which only a few of my privately coded programs reached, it does very basically what it is supposed to do).

    Let me know whether this is something you would be interested, than I need to put more effort in it to make is usable by others as well.

    Things that are missing:

    • Error handling (very poor at the moment, might not get better).
    • The value interpretation (everything in place, but need to hack the data into the code for the transformation after I read them from the game, the biggest effort). So far the 'Symetric' flag is the one for which I implemented my transformation code, it is the only one so far.
    • There is at least one bug in it, it is usable with it and it will be difficult to track down.
    • Somehow package it, it works currently in my QT (the lib i was using) environment.
    PS: Now that I posted it, I see another bug :), the names should also have a red cross (first row, as the setups are different)!

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  7. RofLmao! :pound: I see you found your topic. Very nice idea this program of yours!

    Available for download soon, or need a hand? The 2nd little bug you mentioned shouldn't be to difficult I assume.
  8. I can only spent very little time on it (unfortunately). No, it is not ready for download yet.

    Yes, help would be much appreciated, especially with the interpretation of file values (no programming skills required, just typing, comparing in game values with file values).

    I will later post here or in an PM what I would need.

    I am currently preparing my environment to see how I can make the packaging easier.
  9. Hi there,

    if you have not jet found it try this
    DIFFDAFF - Compare files, folder, web pages
    is a freeware program that let you compare two files (also txt) and show differences colored, it is also cool for other pourpose

    another one, but i think only for rFactor, is the next one
    Jetspeed SimRacing Home

    these above may help you :becky:
    remember to share your good setups :thumb: