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Setup changes make no difference?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Wally Masterson, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Is it just me, or do setup changes in Race07 seem to make very little difference? I have been experimenting with tire temps, noting down temps, doing about 6 laps, and then making a radical change, say putting springs to full hard or full soft. Go out for another 6 laps, and I see that the tire temps have barely changed, and that really, the car does not feel very different. Roll bars, springs, none if it really seems to affect the cars handling.

    I'm already at the stage, when I test, that I can just keep lapping around +/- a few tenths, so I'm not learning the track as I go and thinking that setup changes are helping. The tire temps at least should be quite different with drastic setup changes - that should be an objective measure of whether the changes are having any effect.

    It feels to me like the setup screens don't really do much at all. Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. I have been experimenting with setups recently and while they make a little difference with me on a flying lap well so i think but this may just be that fact im learning he track as i go.

    But what i have found with messing with the setups for say an endurance race is that my tires are all messed up after 30mins so think i may aswell give up messing around if it works for say 5 laps but then the tires are shot its not really worth the speed gain.

    Of course changing the setup can drastically change the way the car feels but as you say it does not make much of a difference timewise in my experience either?
  3. Wally, what game mode are you testing in, Practice or TA?
    Tyre temps monitoring is useless in TA mode, but in Practice mode you should see some differences.

    From my limited experience with enduro races, the setup changes don't make a huge difference, it is more important to drive more carefully, but even then you can't extend the tyre life very much. I tend to do my setups based on what feels comfortable and controllable for my driving style (which is pretty slow of course :rotfl: )
  4. The parameters where I saw a difference (WTCC championship mainly):
    -> Brake ratio, brake pressure ; definitly a difference about how the rear tyres lock or not.
    -> Wing ; oversteer introduced when lowering the wing.
    -> Slow Bump ; weight transfert reduced, so less rear lock.
    -> Tyre pressure ; I can increase the temps by lowering the tyre pressure, by about 10°C
    -> Camber ; to "equalize" the temps on the 3 sections of a tyre.
  5. I'm mostly in agreement with you on this matter. As Grant says it's often the case that when you are working on the setups, you go around a track so many times that you drive better since you are learning every inch of the track. It used to irritate me because I thought that my poor performance was largely down to setups. This of course was never the case but it always seemed to put me off trying to drive better.
    That being said, the one thing which I find almost instant benefits from is gear ratios.
    Try and bear in mind that your target lap time will almost never be down to a setup issue. The aliens get those ridiculously low lap times with driving ability, and the fact of the matter is they'd still be kicking my arse if they had square wheels.
  6. It is important that you first get used to the track, and that you drive constant lap times. After that start changing the setup. My experience is that when I first know the track very well, and when I then start changing the setup, I can improve my laptimes 0.5 to 1 second depending on the track.
  7. Something is wrong then! I just got finished running Monza in an E92 Bimmer and for the life of me couldn't get any improvements. I was emailed a setup and immediately reduced my lap times by almost 1.5secs plus! Setup is huge.
  8. I agree with Mitch. Setup changes have always made a difference for me one way or another, timing wise or handling wise and regardless of the type of change.
  9. After over a week of playing with setups, i have found any changes to Formula BMW have made a instant impact, on handling & lap times.

    but i have had no luck on changes to touring cars or minis, i can get the handling to change slightly so it does affect the car, but same lap times.

    So i am giving up on touring cars and just going to make myself some FBMW setups for all tracks.
  10. I know you have to learn the track first... that's what I said in my opening post. I already know the track and am lapping within a few tenths. It's just that setup changes seem to make very little difference, in the touring cars, anyway. Maybe that's the way the cars are in real life, for all I know. I know that in other games, and even other makes in Race07, the setups do make a difference.

    Warren, I was doing this in practice mode.

    I agree with Luc above.... those changes seem to make a difference to the handling. Spring & arb seem to make very little difference. Maybe it's just the WTCC cars.

    It was really the tire temps that I was keeping an eye on. They don't change with spring & arb changes. Pressure and camber do help. I was really trying to get some cold tires up to temp, especially where there's a big difference between left and right tires.
  11. wrong thread...
  12. Well In race i dunno, but at Evo the changes definitly make a dif.
  13. Yeah, I'm starting to think it might just be the WTCC cars.
  14. :) I have the same issue, my rear wheels are always too cold. I am running the WTCC Seat, and I can't seem to go higher than 78°C for the rear.
  15. Hello,

    I drive the Seat (WTCC) and I have also some difficulties to interpret the behavior of the car. I am actually a beginner and it is difficult to see if the car enter well in a turn, etc...
    Maybe with the Seat, the change are minors and it makes the interpretation more difficult.

    I think now that the most important is to practise during a long time each race in order to improve my driving. Do you think that it is a good idea ? The over solution is to find setup made by other driver.
  16. Yes, just load the Simbin setup for the car and practice. In the WTCC cars, you will find much more improvement in your time by practising than by changing setups. If your car won't turn into a corner, try to go slower in and faster out.