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Settings for racing AI

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Graham Byford, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have any good settings for racing the AI with the Stock cars?

    I want to run a championship but have noticed the AI don't suffer as much as my car with tyre wear, plus they often crash in the pitlane when pitting as they are tightly spaced, so I'm thinking it's best to run shorter races so the AI don't pit and turn off tyre wear. Basically I want a level playing field, plus it would be nice to have pitstops without AI crashing.

    Also how do I adjust the AI aggression in Championship mode, I can only adjust AI strength and damage multi, in single race I set the AI aggression to 100% which gives lively racing.
  2. Sorry I can't help you with the stock cars, but I have very good racing against the Formula Classic AI. I spent a lot of time editing engine files, and creating a spread of performance, but other than that I really only adjusted the damage and AI strength level to match my ability and find them to be pretty good. Oh and I run at 2x tire wear so that they make a few more mistakes as they reach pit stop time. I do 100% races and this works well, but I don't know how they compare with the stock car settings sorry.
    I haven't seen a pitlane problem yet, at least not at the reiza tracks, which circuit is this happening at?
  3. The AI pitting problem was at Brasilia, very little space between pit boxes at that track.
  4. Disappointing to hear that, maybe it's the turn lock of the stock cars, I've raced there with F1 Classics and did not see a problem, that's annoying. The only other suggestion which might or might not work is to assign a single car per garage in the rfm file. Down at the bottom of the reiza1.rfm file
    // format is: PitGroup = <# of vehicles sharing pit>, <groupname>
    PitGroup = 2, Group1
    PitGroup = 2, Group2
    PitGroup = 2, Group3
    PitGroup = 2, Group4
    change the 2 to a 1, so it reads
    // format is: PitGroup = <# of vehicles sharing pit>, <groupname>
    PitGroup = 1, Group1
    PitGroup = 1, Group2
    PitGroup = 1, Group3
    and see if it helps. Not sure what pit spot it will assign for the second car from each team though, but it's worth a try