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Setting up quick V8 races?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by AUY2K, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. I want to setup a quick single stock car race with official race length, number of cars, pitstops....

    I'm new to GSC and through my limited research I need confirmation on the following:

    1. 40 min. Time limit for official RL races?
    2. 30 cars (not sure if this is correct)?
    3. Pitstops? Do drivers have to make a stop?

    Thanks for any help and additional info about the official series.
  2. Hi AUY2K,

    Regulation of the official Stock Car 2012 season:

    1 - 40min + 1 Lap
    2 - 32 cars
    3 - PitStop: No refueling is allowed during the race. Tire changes are permitted at any time during the race but not mandatory.

    Of course in game conditions may be changed then think of a good race strategy.

    Wedsley Dias
  3. Thank you Wedsley for your reply.

    How would I set this up for a quick race to keep the AI from pitting for fuel and/or tires during that 40min time period? Because wont they make a pitstop midway through while I stay out I will surely win if I do not have an incident?
  4. Hi, many people have questioned that. Reiza Studios announced that the game with the worst car is the V8 autonomy but still enough to complete 40 laps of a normal race. Maybe the AI stops between 30/35min are racing to change tires ...

    Try to adjust the fuel consumption and tire wear without multiplier (normal).

    Wedsley Dias