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Set-up question regarding top speed

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by MatzF1, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. I've noticed in a lot of set ups, that the top speed for 7th gear greatly exceeds the top speed of the circuit it is designed for... why is this?? Now just as a disclaimer, I'm not knocking anyone's setups, the majority of them are awesome, but I'm trying to understand the logic behind what they are doing when they create these setups.

    A good example is Suzuka. The "Dry" setups I've seen, have 6th gear with the upper limit at 322kph, and 7th at 362kph. Where the confusion comes in, is that the fastest portion of Suzuka is roughly 315 kph. Is this type of setup really utilizing the full potential of the gearing and rpms?? If you watch a simulator lap from RBR... you'll notice that in the straights they are always squeezing every drop out of 7th, and rarely if ever will catch 1st.

    Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Korea is kicking my butt at the moment. I have a wet setup for Korea that works out well for me, seems like I spent forever tweaking it, but it seems to work well. Korea "dry" is a different story. Aside from not being happy with my gearing so far, I can't seem to kill off the oversteer, even if I went at it with an axe!!! It's as if I'm almost having to tip toe around some of the 90+ degree turns as if they are wet.

    Matz ; }-~
  2. ive noticed that the top speed that it says it can be done isnt any were near, i guess when you set up the gear box it shows the top speed if the car is on a dyno and no drag is being caused.
  3. Don't even attempt to compare top speeds from your setup in F1 2010 to real life F1. The game doesn't seem to simulate drag very well, so reaching speeds 30-40 km/h above what the guys in real life get isn't all that hard in most cases. Watch your speedo around Suzuka and you'll find it reach speeds a fair bit faster than 315 km/h. I usually do a few laps in practise watching the speedo then set 7th up to be 7-8 km/h faster than the speed I got at the end of the longest straight, then line the rest of the gears up with it and tweak a little from there.
  4. why 7-8 more beef it abit more than that 15-20 drag the speed out of the car :)
  5. Excellent answer and advice!! Thank you!! I to have noticed that what is listed in the GUI for a particular gears to speed, is really no where close to accurate. Another thing I've noticed, is that sometimes by tweaking 6th or 7th, you see a change in performance in the lower gears as well, almost as if the differential had been re-geared.

    Thanks Again!!

    Matz ; }-~