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SET UP Help..

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by Jocke Nilsson, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. As a racer ive come to rely on others set up..
    And for me its been dificult to do a setup for my self..
    Reading forums and doing searches dont give me the results i want..

    What are your take on this?
    How do you approach the cars handeling?

    Im sure this subject has been up for discussion lots of times..
    Im sorry if this is a repost ;)
  2. i post a pm for you Jocke
  3. and register at R2p and download setup developement program,if you dont pay for to be member the program dont work completely but you have you have a great tool for make you adjustement
  4. The more i tune the looser i get..

    Thats where im right now =)
  5. :thanks:, good to know.