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Set engine to "fast"

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by SkylineCVC, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    i tried out to set my engine to "fast" for long straights and to "standard" for sections with corners (NOT the engine setting while tuning the car in garage, I mean the setting while driving) and I have the feeling that I got MUCH faster with this. It seems my laptimes in monza improved by 2 seconds. O_O

    Is there really such a big difference? Are there any disadvantages?


  2. Hmm, if it helps you then good going but would say that if you can manage 'fast' through the corners then thats the way forward. I find the only advantage to using standard and cruise is that if your a bit trigger happy on the throttle then the Standard and Cruise offer an almost TCS sort of advantage but does hinder ultimate acceleration. Fast is optimum though and will be the quickest if managed correctly, you can always short shift at times to stop the rear tyres from lighting up!
  3. I think engine maps have an impact on fuel usage when fuel sim is on.
  4. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    When you set it in the garage it seems it doesnt apply it to your car when you go to the track, only changing it on track will give you the boost. No disadvantages really just run 2-4 laps in a 100% race and you wont run out of fuel you can run the rest on fast and these laps on either staandard or cruise.
  5. Hey,

    thanks for your answers.
    I never had any fuel issue in races. I'll try to drive with the fast throttle on dry circuits.
    Hopefully my times will get better. :)


  6. Yea it does but of course fuel sim has got to be on.
  7. Set engine to "fast" is a MUST, I saw that Bortz said that you have to set it to fast manually because it doesnt set to it if you set to fast in the setup and he was right, I tried to set it to fast manually and I have now got MUCH faster times, example, 1:04.9xx to 1:04.493 in sao paulo, hockenheim 1:11.960 to 1:11.293, Abu dhabi 1:33.8xx to 1:33.1xx Spa 1:40.xxx to 1:39.2xx and I tried it in an online race on sao paulo and my previous record for 20% all sims on was 16:40.6xx and often I did 16:43-16:45, now I have raced sao paulo 3 times with "fast" and got 16:35.002 16:35.8xx and 16:36.xxx
  8. It does have an impact, on a 75% race, I went out of gaz in Spain in the last lap using too much of the engine in fast map.
  9. Valencia? Valencia seems to have a problem with fuel sim and manual gears.
  10. What problem is that?
  11. Over at the CM forums some people mentioned running out of fuel at the Valencia track while using manual gears and without using the 'fast' throttle map. Only a few people have said it so it isn't really that well known/authenticated.