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Misc Session Log Parser, Graphs & Statistics - Windows App 0.4

rFactor 2 Session Log Parser, Graphs & Statistics - Windows app [Beta Release]

  1. Stefan Mizzi submitted a new resource:

    rFactor 2 Session Log Parser, Graphs & Statistics - Windows app [Beta Release] (version 0.2) - rFactor 2 Session Log Parser, Graphs & Statistics - Windows app [Beta Release]

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  2. Thank you very much Stefan!

    This is a very usefull tool with great stats! :thumbsup: I will surely use it. :)
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  3. Thanks mate. Please let me know if you find bugs or require some functionality ;)

    PS: I will soon upload a similar web version too.
  4. I will Stefan and looking forward to the webtool ....and last but not least: what a great name we have! :)
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  5. Looks interesting! downloading it now, I'm not that good in giving feedback but if I see something to report I will! thnx
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  6. stefan, I downloaded it, downloaded network 4.5.

    Install went fine, when I start the application I can see the first screen and 2 seconds after it CTD on me. Probably I have done something wrong. Windows does not say why I have a CTD.

    I do have windows 7, did not install what you seggested for web application because this is only the windows version if I read your post correct.

    Must I run Rfactor2 at the same time I start it? Is there something else I need to install which is on your computer but not on mine?

    For your information I don't have the greatest spec laptop, I run Rfactor 2 with a lot of settings turned of or on low/medium. If you need my specs just say I will supply the info.
  7. Hi mate,

    That doesn't sound too good does it :) Did you install .Net Framework 4.5?

    You can find the installation program for this in the Install folder where you have installed it.
  8. Btw, you dont need rFactor 2 to be running as its a stand alone app.

    Then you choose the folder of your xml log files which are found in your Userdata/Results/Logs or something like this
  9. haha no:) , I installed .net framework 4.5 (otherwise I could not install your program), I used this download from microsft

    I'm looking at the recruiments for the framework 4.5, you need at least 520 MB, that's exactly what I have, perhaps my computer is to slow to support it the proper way?

    I will do a windows update and restart my computer, perhaps it's that simple. If that did the trick I let you know.
  10. Hmmm, Ok. Maybe it's the way I compiled the program. Do you have win 7 64x or x86? Yeah, windows update will help.

    Something else you can check for the error in Event Viewer like shown below:

  11. There were some updates, but did not do the trick,

    I have windows x86 (programfilesx86).

    I will check the eventmanager, I will report to you what it says.

    was looking in the bin map of program files. (i have very basic knowledge of computers) And saw a file with the extension .exe and when I click it my computer asks me with which program i wanna open the file. I have never seen that before on my computer with any other .exe files i ever encountered. the discription says it's actually an XML file. But than again, i have very little knowledge about computers, so probably it should be that way, just something i noticed.
  12. Exe files are executables in that they do not need another program to open them. One always needs to know what the exe is before running it and it could be malicious file.

    What was it's name?
  13. rfactor2logmanager.exe

    Attached Files:

  14. I uploaded a picture from the log analyzer.
    underneath the discription of the one which was selected blue, second discription is the .net runtime

    - Removed data problem solved by Stefan-

    Attached Files:

  15. Guess it's in dutch but google translate make wonders :)

    As I suspected, I need to create 2 versions, one for x64 (64 bit windows) and another for x86.

    Sorry mate and thank you for your time. Tonight I will also upload x86 version :)

    And yes, rFactor2LogManager.exe is the exe for the software I made so its safe ;)

  16. Glad to be of any help! looking forward to the x86 version:)
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  17. Hi,

    I compiled a version purely for 32 bit systems. Please let me know how it goes ;) I have also added some error exception handling maybe we can see the error better :)

    File is small as I did not include .Net 4.5


  18. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Hey Stefan,
    I installed it (win 7 64bit) but can't see anything installed and nothing showing in control panel?
    I'm not sure what to do next? :O_o:
  19. Hi Justin,

    Did it give you a warning message while installing that .Net 4.5 is missing?
  20. Hey Stefan, just downloaded it, Norton said it wasn't safe and removed it directly:(
    Something you can do about or must I just turn Norton off for a moment?