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Services starting later then normal ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Patrick van Driel, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Hello , I have a problem so was hoping someone could help me solve this :)

    After the last updates for XP pro including Iexplorer8 and so on i have some services that now start up minutes later then they used to do.
    The services are:

    I have to wait till they have started before i can use Iexplorer and Steam for example. I cant connect to internet and anything that needs to check online will hold and start after those services have started.
    I did system restore and put my pc back 2 months before the updates and after that let automatic update reinstall the patches. So far it was ok and all services started the same time. But one day later the same thing happend and its still like that :(
    Anyone have a clue why or what this is ???
    Thanks !
  2. No wizzard for this problem ? :disapointed:
  3. No idea what it is, but why dont you restore, switch off auto update, patch manually and deselect IE8, there is an option that it should not be offered again. I guess afterwards you might be able to switch on auto update again.

    Other than that, I would google those services :)
  4. Thx, I allready did that :)
    Problem is now solved because i got Windows7 Ultimate running :party2: