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Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Paul Hamwa, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. I made a mention of this somewhere else on the forum but...

    Ever since upgrading to 1,3 I often get no servers showing up in the browser. SERVERS 0/1 it says.

    Odd because I get the same thing on 1,2 now. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

    I have to shut down Netkar and relaunch a bunch of times before I see any servers, even tried rebooting windows, sometimes it works sometimes not.


    Other games work fine, servers show up right away.
  2. nope never had that, i presume you tried refreshing the server list ;)
  3. Yeah about a thousand times...and restarted, rebooted, re-everythinged...still can't connect...
  4. weird :(

    ot. is your avatar pic psycho Paul out off I Deal?

  5. Still can't connect, have to re-install I guess:frown:

    Ideal? What the **** is that Morris?!
  6. I've seen this problem after I've left a racing server, I would have to restart netkar to see the servers. But what you're experiencing sounds worse, hope I won't have this problem either.
  7. Same thing happened here. Server 0/1.
    Refreshed, restarted, and rebooted, but still Server 0/1
  8. This morning all I get is SERVERS 1/2 with the GVRteam server showing up:confused:
  9. Hi, I've been having this problem since Monday night. I haven't changed any settings at all in Windows or in the game. Was working fine with patch B until then. Turned off the firewall just in case and still stuffed. So damned frustrating.

    I've had netKar Pro ever since it was first released and always have had a hard time finding people to race in my timezone then finally a new version comes out and people start racing online but I can't get the server list to update properly.

    Anyway enough of the rant. My system is running Windows XP SP3 for what it's worth. Hope if this is a problem with the patch it gets fixed very soon as I'm on the verge of deleting the whole thing, I'm so steamed!
  10. No dude don't do that! It'll be resolved soon I'm sure. :cool:

    I think it might have to do with how some of us installed 1,3, as others aren't having this problem. I've had the same off and on problems with servers not showing up even before the bug fix B. I'm on Win7 x64 so it can't be OS related.

    What time zone are you in?
  11. Well now I can see RD server and two others, with reeeeeeeeeally low ping...which is great!..but where are the other servers!?!?
    I even did a lap on the RD server, connection is good.

    If I do a clean install of 1,3 can I get rid of 1,2 or are we still on the fence for NGP?
  12. hmmmm.. this morning i get around 50 servers online. but now only 4, RD is one of them. my version is 1.3 with latest update/patch. it could be a good thing though. Kunos is Fixing Netcode !!! yey !!!.................. hopefully :) . if it is, i don't mind.
  13. I'm in Australia. I really don't want to uninstall but I've had this game since first release and have had only around 22 races. Would really like to race more though, I love the handling of the cars.

    My first post was me just venting, I'll give it one more chance. The problem with the server listing has not happened to me before.
  14. It could be a ping time thing, I'm in New Zealand and I noticed that when I do get a server list the pings are up at 700 and 800+ but when I connect in game they show as 250 or 300, which would be about right.
  15. Just tried again a short while ago and it finally found some servers and I was able to connect :cool:

    This is without making any changes to anything.
  16. Looks like all is back to normal. More and more servers showing up.

    The club race was pretty smooth last night, same as 1,2, if not better.
  17. I'm still having this problem. Fortunately I can connect direct by putting in the server ip in mps.dat and the track in "lg" in MyDocuments/netkar PRO/cfg. That is if I know the IP I need to connect to! :tongue:

    Odd thing I found out, the Ranking site is showing 0 Servers online, which is wrong because I know Laurent is online and he's hooked up to the ranking. It stopped tracking anything yesterday around noon. Are they having the same problem I'm having?
  18. Sometimes when I make a server to play with some friends they cant find it. What I do, which works every time, is connect through a VPN tunnel and channel my traffic through a server elsewhere in my country with a totally different IP and suddenly theres no problem.

    I dont understand this but maybe it can be useful info somehow.

  19. Thanks Tomas, so I guess you just have to be an IT expert then! haha :tongue:

    Still got the problem, comes and goes, something fishy going on in Netkar these days for me...