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SERVER & TEAM SPEAK - Information

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jan 18, 2010.

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    RaceDepartment Team Speak 3
    Main Team Speak Passwrod, find itHERE
    IP address:
    STC CHANNEL Password: WARSimracers
    Downlaod TS HERE
    Server Name: STC @ TheGameHoster.net
    Passwrod: WARSimracers
  2. upgrading to TS3?
  3. Would be great if you mentioned the download was about TS3,
    so those who already have it don't start clicking on the link ;) .

    Great to see you using TS3 though, way better then TS2. And now the beta's have abit calmed down :)
  4. i'am sorry but:
    Connecting to server
    Failed to connect to server"

    Any ideas?
  5. Could be incompatible versions. With the latest Beta (client 11 and server 15) you can't use earlier versions/combinations. So if server is running pre beta 15 and you have the lastest client (beta 11) you probably get that error message. The servers I'm able to connect to are all running beta 15 now.
  6. TS2 still works with STC TeamSpeak. I Guess it isn't upgraded yet.
    Plz don't do it before thursday... It will be messy
  7. We will not update to Team Speak before Thursday, but it is still up to The Game Hoster. :)
  8. Oh ok, sorry for the convenience! :)
  9. I tried to join with TS2 last monday. It was ok :)
  10. I had couldn't join either so i updated my client to the lastest one, but still couldn't join so i thought i was running. Will try again this evening.
    We have beta11 running at flatout where i could join without problems.
  11. Tom, it's ok using TS2 client, don't use TS3 betaxx client ;)
  12. Thanks Tom, changing it right now.

    Sorry for my mistake.
  13. I hope we don't switch to TS3 as it's crap. The output volume is way too low and you can't adjust it enough.
  14. TS3 is not crap
  15. First post updated with server and team speak info.
  16. Still using TS2?
  17. Nope it is the RD Team Speak 3. Thanks Krister for notice.

    First post updated with the correct info!
  18. I just tried joining TS to check its all okay but the password wouldn't work
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.