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Server Issue or Game Issue?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Spinelli, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Me and a friend so often seem to get mismatches when trying to join servers and it's becoming extremely frustrating. I don't know if it's a game problem or server problem because all the content being run in the server seems to be default...

    - F1 extreme @ Austria (Spielberg) - Mismatch, even though the guys are clearly driving F1 Extreme cars as well

    - Camaro Street Car Challenge @ Austria (Spielberg) - mismatch

    This is just now, in the past 5 minutes but it happens VERY often...

    EDIT: I found out that one of the servers - even though the series says Camaro streetcar challenge - is using the F1 67 v1.1 mod. He kindly gave me the link to download it (xtremefactor.es). The mod is installed, I go to join but the car selection screen still only allows me to choose a Camaro, WTF. So I close the game, go to offline single player test, the car mod loads up just fine, car selection, drving, everything is fine. I then go back and try to join the server and, yet again, I am only given the option to choose a Camaro. Yet the other 2 guys in there say it works fine for them. WOW! My friend has the exact same issue as me too. Ridiculous.

    I've been online since 1:30 PM, it's noe 3:40 PM and me and my friend haven't turned a single lap. This is beyond frustrating. Then, to add even more frustration the 1 or 2 servers with quite a few people are locked as usual, and on top of that, most servers running mods don't write down the name of the mod or download link as the server's name so you have NO IDEA what car/mod you need to download.

    2 hours and not a single lap between me and my friend. Unbelievable.
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  2. Looks like the server was running an older version than the one they pointed me too. All updated and working now. 3 hours later (1:30 PM to 4:30 PM) and finally playing. Now it's almost time for dinner though, lol!
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  3. I wish we there was a box in the MP section that gave more information about the server. For example, the server creator/admin can write a message like "F1 1967 No ALIENS :)" or "Mario's BP GT3 Mod V1.24.895 download at extrememods . com/downloads/GT3", etc. etc. Then people can just read that and know exactly where to go or exactly what car/track mod is running and where to download it.

    The option is available in RF1, I wonder if Rieza can implement it, along with the garage-setup notes feature :)
  4. So now I join a kart server running Ortona, and it says you will be kicked out of the race for a mismatch, same with my friend....WHY?!!!

    Ok whatever we'll try another one....

    So we leave and then join a Spielberg w/ Superkarts server. AND AGAIN, "Superkart.HDV mismatch" will be kicked from race" and "Vehicle Collision mismatch: will be kicked from race."

    2 out of two servers seemingly running all stock SCE content and we both get these errors!

    This is extremely frustrating. What the is wrong with the majority of ppl's servers??
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  5. The EEC server is running stock content that I'm sure. If you get people to race there use it.
    Won't last forever tho, our GT3 mod willl be released soon and we'll start testing for future leagues so only registered drivers will be able to join
  6. Ok, brand new day, let's try this again...

    Most servers are all locked or have 1 person in them but there's a Metalmoro at Monza server. Ok. So I go to xtremefactor.es to download Monza and - what do you know - there's about 17 DIFFERENT MONZA'S to choose from. Even excluding the historic ones there's probably still 10 or so!

    How in the world do I know what track a server is using? All it says is "Monza, Italy". Why doesn't it say, for example, "Joe's Monza 2003 v1.7.3"????? What am I supposed to do with just "Monza, Italy?". Soooo frustrating.

    Another day wasting more time getting online than actually playing.


    Unbelievable :mad:
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  7. The easiest way around the problem is to just join a few leagues. There are a lot out there and they free. Also, you get cleaner drivers on private servers. Just a thought.
  8. Exactly what Kevin said. Joining leagues are the best way to go. Public servers are always a mess. The only way "public" servers works is in iRacing due to their ranking system. But then you pay for it, can't call it public at all :D