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Server Down?

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Pickle87, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hi, I have GT Legends and I tried to get online today, but a message came up that said I couldn't connect to the server. Did any one else have this problem?
  2. Tried it now, works fine.

    You couldn't connect to the lobby, or a server? What exact error message did you get? Maybe you didn't have the correct mod or track.
  3. When I entered my account information and click "Log In", it said "Please wait..." and then about 30 seconds later, it changed to "The server connection was lost."
  4. Okay, lobby issue then. What does your C:\GT Legends\LOCAL_IP_LOBBY.txt file say?

    Mine points to the Simbin lobby: gtlsrv.race-game.com
    If you have something different, back it up, and try putting it the Simbin one.
  5. Where inside the GTL folder is the LOCAL_IP_LOBBY.txt file?
  6. Thanks! I downloaded it and now it works! But for some reason, No one's online except me, and all the online races are empty. Is this normal?
  7. Well, it is 1-2 AM in Europe :)

    Maybe you've used a different lobby before, try switching to gtl-lobby.bierbuden.de, see if anyone's online there.
  8. I switched to gtl-lobby.bierbuden.de and I got into a lobby with 3 others online and in the little chat box it says "Welcome to the Altbierbude."
  9. Yup, that's the unofficial lobby, created when the original GTL lobby went down I think. Race Department was using it for online races for a long time, but recently switched back to Simbin's lobby now that it's available again.

    Have fun :fwd:
  10. Thanks! I hope I can get in some good races at the Altbierbude!