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Server down

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by jimortality, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. jimortality


    For maintenance then found this snippet on Sector 3

    A patch for RaceRoom is being deployed!
    The highlights of this update are:

    - Fixed the join lag in multiplayer
    - Unlocked bigger grids for everyone in dedicated servers
    - Chat messages in MP are now yellow and allow 156 characters
    - Group 5 class physics update
    - Ford Mustang GT3 moved to GTR3 class

    And there's more! The complete changelog will be published once we're back from maintenance.
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  2. Dan Costa

    Dan Costa
    Fear the Crazy Dan Premium

    Fixed the join lag in multiplayer


    yes yes
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  3. Gr5 is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now i dont know what to use at sunday's race GTO or Gr5 :D
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  4. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    Wow, every one of those are highly requested fixes/changes. Nice one S3S. :thumbsup:
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    • Fixed an issue with game finding wrong camera in pitlane.
    • Fixed so game gets properly paused in singleplayer race monitor if the user opens the steam overlay.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during loading.
    • Reduced memory usage when loading into a track.
    • Fixed an issue in Garage menu where FFB remained active
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to use lower fuel quantities in Leaderboard Challenges and Competitions.
      • Due to this exploit we will soon remove entries that were created since the exploit was introduced.
    • Fixed an issue in pitstops where it would take extra 3-4 seconds after confirming 0L fuel or if the pit stop preset had no fuel needed. The game now it checks if fuel will be added, if not it cancels that action. If it was the only action, whole pitstop is cancelled.
    • Fixed cars full throttling at pitstops.
    • Fixed an issue where players were getting cut track penalties at pit entry.
    • Added missing fallback pages for DTM 2015 that was causing infinite black screen at launch for players when they failed to get the online loading screen.
    • Fixed issue with compact data display being positioned incorrectly on different aspect ratios.
    • Added default profiles and wheel ranges for Thrustmaster 150 and TMX wheels.
    • Added proper filtering to car setup load/save system.
    • Restyled the car setup a little.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing a crash at launch if the player had an older version of graphics.xml
    • Fixed header formatting for certain system backend requests that might reduce certain timeouts.


    • Fixed the severe freeze that occurred in MP when another player joins.
    • Added Bigger grids to player dedicated servers.
      • Please note the max opponent allowed depends on your track rotation. E.g. If you have a track that only has 24 slots in your rotation, that will be your max opponent allowed overall, despite having a track that goes up to 100. This is to ensure no one gets kicked out/disconnects when they choose to continue to next track. If you want 100 cars you have to make sure not to include a track with less grid slots available.
      • Please also note that the game becomes quite laggy after 40. While we will look into optimizing things, you should avoid setting a track with more than 35-40 opponents.

    • Fixed so the player is put on the Garage menu after pressing and holding ESC instead of having to press and hold ESC twice
    • Increased chat message max length to 156.
    • Changed message area/box text color to yellow so it’s more readable if background is white.

    Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

    • Group 5 class : Physics update, sounds adjusted. Due to the physics update the leaderboards of these cars are wiped.
    • WTCC 2015 class : BOP adjustment in preparation of TCOne, AI tweaks
    • Ford Mustang GT3 : Moved to GTR3 class, physics & sound update
    • GTO Classics Class : AI tweaks, improved fuel estimates
    • Audi 90Q : Fixed cases where the car would fail to park into the pit spot.
    • Audi R18 P1 : Removed the flame on backfires (Diesel…) and fixed a case where the suspension arms would break on front wheels when applying a high amount of steering
    • Mistral 530 and DMD P20 : Fixed suspension arms breaking under high steering
    • P4/5 Competizione : Added Downshift Prevention beep
    • Hockenheim : Camera sets added
    • Suzuka : Fixed incorrect spawn positions when using high amount of opponents
    • Nordschleife - 24H layout : AI tweaks
    • Shanghai : Fixed AI going too fast into the hairpin


    • Bentley Continental GT3 : Approvals tweaks
    • Group 5 class: Fixed holes in shadows
    • Chevrolet Dekon Monza : Fixed some cockpit gauges
    • Nissan Skyline 2000RS : Fixed tacho dial
    • Ford GT GT3 : Fixed some blurps of pixels on the side mirrors
    • Ford Mustang GT3 : Improved some old looking textures on the tail lights
    • BMW M3 E30 : Wheels were not perfectly round, causing weird FFB signals
    • Brands Hatch : Fixed a hole in the ground
    • Hockenheim : Fixed a hole in the ground on the inside of Sachskurve
    • Norisring : Fixed some normals on pitbuilding, tuned IGA banners for a better visual fit, tweaks to generics and props
    • Salzburgring : Reduced grip, Moved tyre stacks a bit further away from the apex
    • Zandvoort : Upped the maximum opponents to 32


    • Fixed an issue where players would get different total price depending on the order of packs in cart. Portal now always ensures player gets the highest discount regardless of order.
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  6. kamackeris


    Been at work... What do people think of the update? Has ai been improved at all?
  7. Maintenance again.... Lets see whats coming :D
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  8. jimortality


    Yeah I can't get on
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  9. kamackeris


    exciting !!!
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  10. 03-05-2016

    Hotfix Patch


    • Fixed a typo in the DTM 2015 loading screen fallback folder.

    Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

    • Fixed an issue where the player car would park for its pitstop but no pitstop action would take place.
    • Bentley Continental GT3: Fixed chase camera
    • Brands Hatch: Maximum opponent increased to 34 vehicles (TCOne)
    • Hockenheim: New TV cameras
    • Nuerburgring Short layout: Maximum opponent increased to 40 vehicles (TCOne)
    • Oschersleben: Fixed a wrong fuel consumption that resulted in AI pitting around the last lap of a race
    • Salzburgring: Maximum opponent increased to 32 vehicles (TCOne)
    • Suzuka West layout: Maximum opponent increased to 34 vehicles (TCOne)


    • Brands Hatch: Fixed a hole in the ground
    • Hockenheim: Fixed various holes in alternative layouts
    • Salzburgring: Reduced grip, moved tyre stacks a bit further away from apex (TCOne)
    • Zolder: Fixed some bumps

    • Formula RaceRoom 2: Fixed shiny tyres when viewed from a distance
    • Formula RaceRoom Junior: Improved shadows
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