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Seriously... Keeping the real fans waiting

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by WildfireV2, Sep 20, 2011.

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  1. I cant understand this at all, Why the hell do Europeans have to wait 3 extra days ALL the time with games?

    Seriously, im so mad at americans on my list sending me removed 2011 invites, Why the hell should they get it 3 days earlier when F1 is a EUROPEAN sport, an the removed game was developed in ENGLAND. removed

    If something like NBA 2k12 came out in England before America by 3 days, there would be a riot somewhere, im sick of the US getting preferencial treatment all the time.

    The only logic i have for this is either:

    The publisher is american and knows nothing about F1 so they release it to a country that have garbage racing.


    They release it to Americans/Canadians 3 days early because they all suck and they need as much help as they can get, Which is actually true too.

    Whichever it is, im sick of it.
  2. hey buddy removed off. how do you say there are no real american f1 fans? america has always been big in f1. ie country with the second most world champions, we had two or even three races a season here. and im sure we have a pretty good amount of people on this site and who have bought the game.
  3. removed

    Youve only ever had 2 worlds champions... so get your facts straight, nobody cares about Indy, im talking about F1.

    America has never been big in F1, it hasent had a circuit on the calendar for the past 4 years, and it only gets one in 2013.

    I never said americans wont buy it, but im certainly questioning why the game goes to Americans before europeans... It makes no sense, its unfair, This is OUR sport, OUR game which we developed, and the majority of the population on F1 are Europeans, So why in the world would you make your greatest fans wait.
    Im seriously raging about the whole deal, of course it doesnt help that every god damn american on my list is inviting me constantly because they know i dont have it, and telling me how good it is. ****

    Think about it dude...
  4. log into a US vpn and you can play right now if you have paid for it on steam.
  5. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Thought F1 was global?
  6. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    And forgive me for saying this, truly forgive me please.......but Bobby Englehart......just screams Nascar!


  7. Yikes! Feel the hate. I forgot that we are all fat, stupid and watch NASCAR.

    I thought Codies was publishing this game? Dont think they are based in the USA.

    USA usually gets games on Tuesday. Europe on Friday. Isn't that just "The way it is"??

    Taking it out on Americans is a little unjustified, don't you think? Maybe you just hate Americans?
  8. games come out on friday in the UK. DVDs on monday (I think) new films come to our cinemas on thursdays. for some reason, it's as simple as this. It's all to do with money/business. Just wait till friday (or wednesday/thursday if you're in the UK and pre-ordered from shopto). Seriously, everyone complaining isn't going to change anything.
  9. another stupid rant by another pompous "fan" how old are you??? i bet you anything ive been following F1 longer than youve been alive, Im born and raised in Los Angeles... YES, you read correctly, dont rub your eyes, and i have a plethora of friends and acquaintances that do the same on a religious basis, among all the other sports we follow here.... get your facts straight. No one here is a better fan than anyone else. Like the individual said earlier, its a global sport!!! SO QUIT STOMPING YOUR FOOT like an angry little kid, who got his toys taken away by mommy!!!!
  10. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Last year it was only 1 day difference. I never understand the different release dates either. Would be nice if somebody could actually explain why that is.

    @OP: how about you cool off a little before you start ranting with all kind of swear words. RD is a family forum and we expect you (and everybody else) to show some respect towards other people.
  11. Actually, i love americans, i after i finish my masters im going to go live there.

    Im 22 and have been watching F1 since the garbage days of schuey and ferrari reign of terror.

    Yea we get games on fridays, but why couldnt they just put the US release date on Tuesday next week? I couldnt care less if NBA or any nascar or any other american based game comes out 3 days before it does here because at the end of the day, its american and it deserves to be, But come on.... a game that is fully english and yet they still get it first.

    its not fair, thats the b all and end all of it, and im going to keep complaining on THQ and Codemaster forums until im blue in the face.
  12. I read somewhere that it's because of the fact that sales figures in the US are released on Mondays. So, releasing it on Tuesday means you have a whole week to get a decent amount of sales.
    I'm guessing that it's the same with EU, only they use Thursday or Friday or whatever.

    If they invite you knowing that you don't have it, just say 'sorry, I don't have it yet', and close the window? You need to chillax.
  13. Seriously? Isn't your anger directed at the wrong folks? American fans didn't do anything that European fans didn't do in order for the release date to be set. Put this rant on Codemasters' site and direct the hating towards them.

    And isn't it the F1 WORLD Championship? Not the F1 European Championship. Just saying.
  14. wow wow wow here we go with the US vs UK ... I´m mexican, I really don´t care...
    My point of view is that it must be the same day all over the world... I have the exac same problem in Mexico... so don´t blame... even if I´m just beside US.
    Nobody is better or worse fans.. the important think is that everyone here want the game right now... and we´ll have so, much fun...
    If you think that the ones that have it today will have an advantage just for 72 hours before you get it... that´s dumb... or otherwise you don´t trust in your driving skills...
  15. Exactly, I'm in Australia and games generally come out 3 days after US release, to combat this just use a vpn, I use this one >


    Follow those steps to letter. I always get to play my games on the US release date using that vpn, no drama's at all.

    EDIT: Just do not use that method to purchase games, you will get your steam account banned, but for just unlocking games you have purchased, it's not a problem.
  16. I am ashamed "well sort of, no not really" but I am a European living in Canada and yes I got the game Monday night at 10pm.
    I think you should apologize to everybody who is from North America and also the RD family which is very big so you have a lot of apologizes to make.
    I got a question for the OP are you going to rave and rant too when you actual live in the states or are you going to stick your tongue out towards Europe ?
  17. HeliosCM

    Ian Webster<br />Codemasters Community Manager

    You'd be best off complaining to the various game retailers, the decision is mostly theirs as to what day the game comes out on.
  18. James Chant

    James Chant

    Ahem, as Bram said, keep it cool here guys.

    I too am upset that we get the game later, but I just have to live with it. Once I have the game, I'm still going to play it for ages, so 3 days isnt going to make any difference in reality, I don;'t know quite what you are scared of missing out on.

    If you are really upset and angry, go spam Codies forum, not here, it's not our fault, nor our American users.

  19. At no point did i blame americans, so you need to get your facts straight, i said im sick of americans getting the advantage of games earlier.

    It affects online rank, and the advantages that come with being higher ranked on all games.

    Oh and Michael, dont ever tell me what to do, You are not the boss of me, you are nowhere near me on a real level, so dont ever tell me to apologise, Got it?
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