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Serious strategy probllem !!!!!!!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Dimitrios Tsiakalos, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. i found a bug that when ever you run an art of tyres (lets say options as theyre the main tyres ) more than 2 times in a row the pit crew will put you on a heavily worn on in the 3rd stint.see,it isnt really that much of a problem.but still hinders your strategy a lot as in real f1 it is standard to to not to run the primes until the lat very last stint. this need to be fixed in the patch too.for example: start w options

    1st stop : lap 14( options)

    2nd stops:lap 28(here id normally use my 3rd reserved or shortly used (ca 90% availiable)options to not lose too much time against the others... BUT HERE I HAVE TO USE THE PRIME TYRE CAUSE OF THIS LITTLE BUG)

    3rd stop: because of the bug i have to go for the options again ,otherwise id have gone for the primes now

    its not the biggest problem(still remains ARB and suspension problems), but for bigger race distances like 100% this can really cost you a lot of time if your style suits the options better than the primes (e.g. ferrari , mercs struggle on hards and mclarens work better on primes , etc.).so pleasefix it in the new patch.
  2. This just happened to me yesterday, ended up losing a lead in the latter stages of the race in monte carlo, (professional, custom settings, tyre ware on, fuel sim on) 4 stop strategy, was looking to put on options(red) to finish off the race, with a 17 sec lead on Vettel, and lost traction ended up in the pits a few laps earlier than my final scheduled pit stop and got old tyres. finished 5th. not bad considering what happened, but the result could have been maintained, with fresh options. not a big problem, as maybe i shouldve saved my tyres, but this can be annoying in tracks that really eat up your tyres!!!
  3. 5stop strategy. seems high. that could also be because you already used 1of your optionset of tyres heavily in Q or just because the ame wants to cheese you off the lead.
  4. wow .all the race done for nothing . i hope th patch fixes that
  5. It's 4 stops strategy. First Primes are on race start.

    And worn in Q? LOL! all Options was fresh (I went through all qualifying sessions with primes, P8 caught).