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Series Idea's

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Tom Van Put, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Tom Van Put

    Tom Van Put

    • Everybody can create his own perfect championship and give idea's.

      I am curious what you would get and maybe RD can take some of the idea's to create a championship.

      I am a GT fan. So off course, I would like a championship with that type of cars. I also like something that feels and looks like a real championship, but that doesn't necessarily means that I wan't to copy existing things.

      First off all you need to determine your season. I would take september through june with a break from half december until half januari (holidays). During summer months participation is always lower.
      Make sure you don't plan races in popular holiday weekends. Optimize al timetables for one timezone (CET)

      8 or 9 races during this period would be a nice number (with one drop week)

      Create a raceweek feeling. This would mean, more than one race at the same track in one week.

      For example:
      ALMS-style pro cup and a Gentlemen Drivers cup. You can go crazy and throw in a Star Mazda race to.

      The week starts on Monday with the Gentlemen Drivers Cup. (15min Quali, 2 races of 30min)
      Wednesday is the day for the Formula guys. (15min Quali, 1st race 20min, 2nd race 45min)
      Main event on Friday with the Pro Cup (25min Quali, different race lenghts depending on the event)

      Max 27 drivers per event as I have Oulton in my calendar and there are only 27 pitboxes on that track

      Pro Cup cars: HPD ARX-01c (11 slots) & McLaren MP4-12C (16 slots)
      Gentlemen Drivers Cup: Cadillac CTS-V (13 slots) & Ford Mustang (14 slots)
      Star Mazda (27 slots)

      • Daytona Road (120min)
      • Mosport (60min)
      • Oulton Park (75min) (Pro Cup: International, Gentlemen: Fosters, Mazda: Island Historic)
      • Zolder (80min)
      • Motegi (70min) (Different lay-outs)
      • Spa (180min) (Special endurance event, Pro Cup & Gentlemen Drivers Cup in the same race) (if 4 classes in one race are possible by then :), otherwise put all the Gentlemen drivers in the Cady but give them seperate championship points)
      • Road Atlanta (90min)
      • Phillip Island (60min)
      • Silverstone (75min) (Pro Cup: Grand Prix, Gentlemen: International, Mazda: International)

      A boy can only dream :)
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  2. Josh Barton

    Josh Barton

    My perfect championship is the Indy's. A mix of oval and road tracks would give variety, and allow people with different strengths to be successful. Also, the winner would need good skills in both and good consistancy.

    My calender would look something vaguely like this:

    1.Sebring (60 mins odd)
    2.Brands Hatch (60 mins, or even maybe two 30min sprint races)
    3.Indianapolis Oval (60 mins)
    4.Michigan Oval (60 mins)
    5.Watkins Glen (60 mins)
    6.Infineon Raceway (60mins)
    7.Texas Motor Speedway Oval (90mins)
    8. Spa (120mins)

    With one round dropped
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  3. Greg Carr

    Greg Carr

    I have been thinking of "fantasy" series using iRacing for a while actually :). Here are some that I came up with.

    First off here is the way out of the box thinking, a NASCAR "GT" Series. I would take the class A Impala, and the class B Impala and run them on a road only series. I did some testing around Spa with the class A Impala and I can tell you it was really fun and really hard.

    Ok here is my more realistic series. I like Toms idea of running multiple races at one track to give it that race week feel. So here is something that I had in mind. Tracks and times I have no idea :D

    ALMS weekend
    1. Skippy or Star Mazda
    2. HPD and Ford GT (LMP2, and GT2, I know in the ALMS its P2 and GT but its the same)
    3. Indy car, some tracks have the Izod series and ALMS on the same weekend.
    Grand-Am weekend
    1. Skippy or Star Mazda
    2. Mustang and MX-5 (To recreate the Continental Tire Series)
    3. Riley and Cadillac (Rolex series, the Mustang is way to slow compared to the GT cars that race in the Rolex series).
    Here are some standalone mixed class races that I thought of. Again tracks and times I haven't thought of.
    GT Battle (Corvette, Ford GT, Mclaren)
    American Muscle Series (Corvette, Ford GT, Cadillac)
    European Sports Car Series (McLaren, RUF)
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  4. Glenn Petersen

    Glenn Petersen

    I'm with Greg on the NASCAR "GT" Series. "On the Road with NASCAR!" Any of the top 3 tiered NASCAR vehicles visiting legendary road tracks around the globe. Spa, Silverstone, Phillip Island, Road America, etc. I tell you, completing a 50 - 60 min race on a road course in any of the Impala's or Silverado felt like a real accomplishment!

    I raced in a league that ran a 10 race season on one track. Each week it was a different combination of multi class racing. The MX5 with the Late Model, Silverado with the Legends, SR8 with the SFR, Indy car and Lotus 70, Star Mazda with the Skippy, etc.
    It was a team based league and one driver had to be in the slow car and the other in the faster car. We sure got to know the track pretty well by the end of the season. How each car handled the track in their own way. It was a blast!

    I draw to the 'fantasy' series because they are different. There are butt loads of the standard league fare out there already and they kind of get boring after awhile.
  5. Nathan Robinson

    Nathan Robinson

    i would like an indycar series. there are enough tracks to make it fun. maybe put a server up on a sat to do quali then do race on sunday.
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  6. Nico Van Elk

    Nico Van Elk

    Mazda challenge Multiclass.
    MX5 - Skip - Star Mazda

    Should be interesting :)
  7. Josh Barton

    Josh Barton

    Those indy's can give very close fun races. The fixed setups provided by iracing are pretty good setups, if a little too tight, but good enough to allow anyone to pretty much step in and be reasonably competitive. I reckon a series like that could throw up a few suprise winners, and really stand out as a series to remember.
  8. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Founder Staff Premium

    All the ideas are great but we really need people to set those series up. Ideas are never the problem :)
  9. Josh Barton

    Josh Barton

    I would be willing to help. Ive been thinking that some roles behind the scenes would be cool, Id love to get more involved in RaceDepartment.
  10. Tom Van Put

    Tom Van Put

    and you will also need the drivers to fill these championships and that seems to be the hardest part...