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Serial Numbers

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Roger Snead, May 18, 2013.

  1. Hello to all,
    I seem to have lost/misplaced my game serial numbers, but today I think I found it. Are the serial numbers and letters in a 16 charter format like this......xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx I have this with all capital letters and at least one to two numbers injejected in each of the four number sections.

    Written next to this series I wrote "License". Is License the same as what I was prompted for to activate game? I remember it said both Activation and Serial. I tried Activation first and nothing, then tried Serial and it worked. That is why I am confused if this is the right numbers if I need to reinstall, since I wrote License next to it. Thanks.
    Note to self....Get organized.:O_o:
  2. Yes, that seems to be the format (mine anyway). :thumbsup:
    However, I suspect that many other licence codes are the same format too. Do you still have the Email from Reiza advising your serial number, that should include your code.

    If all else fails, and you do need to re-install, try that code anyway. If you end up using up your quota of registrations / activations, you can then contact Reiza to get more activations (or confirmation of your code).
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  3. No Warren, like a noob, I apparently deleted it. I emailed sales@reizastudios.com and explained everything two days ago. I even attached my PayPal receipt dated May 5th. Still no reply. I am fairly certain what I wrote down is it, as a friend said that license term is the same as serial.

    One more question, I had some problems with my wheel not working in game, and did the same thing as my buddy did with the same symptoms, I recreated Profile. It took me 3 times, but is working.

    The question is if I need to do a fresh install, how does it work? Do I uninstall and then what? How do I get to where I would enter the Serial number for a new install? What happens after uninstall? Same old noob questions. :rolleyes: Thanks.
  4. Since you have the game installed and running, I wouldn't recommend that you uninstall to test it. That would just waste your allocated activations.
    I'd suggest you wait for the reply from Reiza, I'm sure they'll get to you soon.

    When you re-install (if you have to), you should get a message pop up at some point asking for the code. Just enter it and bob's your uncle.
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  5. Haha...Just got it about 5 minutes ago, and it was the same one I had written down as license. No, I'm good now, and we actually got in a short online practice run. My first one of online sims ever.:) Got a lot to learn, especially communication.

    I was just curious regarding uninstall/install procedure. I though RSRBR was hard.....this thing is a real handful as well.(driving wise) Thanks again.
  6. You should have tons of fun in Ftruck, it's awesome fun.
    Damned hard to keep these monsters on the track, but on-line, it is a laugh a minute. :D
    Hope to see you in our RD FTruck events very soon. Come join us.
  7. This gam/sim requires more muscle memory than most I think. I slight mistake and she's sideways. Thanks for the invite, I very well may take you up on that.

    Is the game configured to where when I set up an online private race with say 3 people and some AI, I can talk into my mates with the PTT button mapped? Is it all integrated in some way with my integrated laptop mic.? Don't know how the chat works. Where can I find out?
  8. I don't know much about setting up private on-line races so I'll let others comment on that.

    Regarding chatting live to mates, at Racedepartment we use Teamspeak. So most of the guys driving on the RD Server will log in to TeamSpeak where we have different chat rooms for each Sim. It's a great way to make friends and add heaps of fun to the events.
    TeamSpeak can be downloaded here:

    Details about RD's TeamSpeak server address, Racing Server, and Passwords is available to you if you become a Licensed Member:
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