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Misc Sepang Update 3.0

Small change to add a Petronas Podium and Petronas adverts on Turn 15 Tower

  1. Reddvers submitted a new resource:

    Sepang Update - Small change to add a Petronas Podium and Petronas adverts on Turn 15 Tower

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  2. can you update sepang with heineken banner?
  3. So sorry for not responding sooner. Lotsa stuff has been happening but I will be able to get Sepang and Suzuka done; hopefully by Sunday morning if not sooner.

    Thanks for your patience :thumbsup:
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  4. Reddvers updated Sepang Update with a new update entry:

    Sepang Update - Version 2.0

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  5. sorry the 2.0 update didn't work, no new tarmac, and just the pirelli banner have green parts on the two side...if i remember correctly, after first coner, chicane " escargot " in french lol
    all yours other circuits update works properly for me, for information ;)
  6. Hi,

    Did you drop the F1 2016 folder into your game ? If you did that it should put the files in the correct places. If you remove certain erp files individually and place them in your game it may be the problem ?
  7. Hi reddvers,

    no just drag and drop asset folder from your update like usual, for you other update ;)
  8. sorry but maybe you haved uploaded wrong file...the file's date are 05/10/16
    anyone to feedback if the update work fine ? :)
  9. I'll upload a new version and see if that helps........I may have missed a file. Thanks for posting.
  10. Advert swap works now with 3.0 update ! thank's, heineken and pirelli ( rolex ) is ok !
    but no new tarmac displayed ;)
  11. thanks.:cool: